Friday, March 2, 2018

Smoked Ratatouille

Missy Tippens

My son and daughter-in-law bought a Traeger Grill a couple of months ago. It's a smoker grill that works using wood pellets. They've loved it and have been using it like crazy, even in the winter.

Last week, though, it was perfect grilling weather. They shared these photos with us last Friday, and I was amazed! I told my son, "That's my next blog post!"

Here's the recipe they used. You can check it out at the Traeger website.

Here are the beautiful, fresh ingredients.

First, they made a sauce. That by itself looks delicious!

Then they topped it with a GORGEOUS arrangement of vegetables. That's magazine worthy. I feel sure they put it on Instagram. :)

Then they put it in the smoker. After partial cooking, it was time to sprinkle with parmesan cheese...

My daughter-in-law adding her touch!

Then cook some more. Here's my proud chef son. :)

And, ta-da! The finished product (with my grand-dog sniffing in the background LOL).

And dinner is served...

Now I'm ready for them to invite us over for a cookout. :)

Have any of you heard of a Traeger Grill? It was new to me.


  1. Missy, I'm cracking up over that photo of your son in shorts. Our northern friends will look a that and either be envious or think he's crazy.

    That is one gorgeous pan. Kav, Mary, I'm sure you guys will be all over this recipe. Speaking of which, I'll have to show it to hubby and see what he thinks. Ratatouille is one of his favorite movies, after all.

    I've not heard of that particular grill, however the Holland grill we use also allows you to use pellets for smoking. And smoking is never a bad option when it comes to food.

    1. LOL, Mindy! It was actually almost 80 degrees that day. Probably still in the mid-70's when he was grilling that night.

      The pellets are really cool. So easy to just pour them in. No dealing with charcoal and lighter fluid.

    2. You crazy Southerners braving those winter temps just to get some grilling in. :-)

  2. Traeger grills are quite popular around here, and people love them. I have one on my wish list...although way down toward the bottom... One of those, "wouldn't it be nice to have one" things. :-)

    The smoked ratatouille looks fantastic! And definitely magazine-picture-worthy.

    But I can't believe your weather! We're expecting temps in the 50's today, and that seems almost too warm for this time of year. But by tomorrow night we'll be back to winter. The storm that is pummeling the west coast today is heading our way.

    1. Jan that temp was unusual. I think we set a record high that week.

      I'm sorry to hear the storm is moving your way! I was just watching the weather earlier and thinking of everyone in its path.

  3. Never heard of that grill either. I've used a little counter top grill for indoor cooking but that's about it. A smoker sounds super intriguing. I definitely think you should be given a dinner invite soon so you can observe up close and personal and all. :-)

  4. Kav, I'm hoping they'll see this and invite us. ;)