Thursday, February 22, 2018

Not Quite Spring and Not Quite Winter

The weather commands attention in the north this time of year. Shoot, probably any time of year, but it's a guarantee at this time of year. Two years ago we had a cold snap that allowed for over 8 straight weeks of frozen tundra weather, with snow three feet deep on the level. That meant where you walked there was at least three feet of snow to your right... and three more to your left, but often more because the snow shoveled from the path you're walking had to go someplace....

But this year we've had peepers wake up twice... (peepers are the little tree frogs that burrow down in marshland or bogs and wake up the world with their joyous voices every spring...) and the rooster is pretty sure that 4:30 AM is a great time to let the world know he's made it through another winter...

Oh, Rocky!!! :)

In my search for the dark chocolate raspberry cupcakes that Hostess was touting on Twitter, we turned up these instead... Not the dream I was hoping for. The top frosting was blah and that took away from the fun cake and minty filling... so I would replace the drab frosting with the standard dark chocolate and love it....

And there lies the power of suggestion. @Hostess bragged on a product and we checked all over for it and none of our big grocery stores carried any of the new Limited Editions... but the Super Walmart in Brockport, the same one that carries a lot of my books.... They had four different Limited Editions.

Yay, Walmart!!!!

Our crescent moon this week as we ascend toward the full moon, and then one month until the next full moon, the one that brings Easter in its wake.

We love stargazing but this time of year it's often cloudy, so the winter sky is a pleasure to see, but between the cold and the shorter daylight, we kind of figure an early bedtime is our mode of hibernation....

We tore apart a storeroom (DEMO DAY!!!) to install a new bathroom, a project that's been waiting 30 years (no, I'm not kidding!!!!) and check out this newspapr from 1961 we found in the wall... First Communion dresses...

OH THESE VINTAGE STYLES!!!!  And those prices!

And look at these Polly Flinders style smocked dresses... Oh be still my heart

And our last snowstorm two weeks ago.... :) So fun!!!

Outside playing the way kids used to! :)

And a happy family testing Grammy's stuff... Every successful Grammy needs taste testers!  This was my version of Cronuts and they were beyond amazing. Like... way beyond!

It's deadline and edit time on the farm so that means I will be busy for the next six weeks making sure I've got edits done and stories complete before the higher light of April draws me outside by necessity...

Wishing you and yours a great Presidents' Day week and may God bless you and keep you as weather does what it's wont to do...


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  1. Ruthy, those Hostess cupcakes you showed have inspired me to come up with a minty filling for my chocolate cupcakes. I have a 22 yo who loves chocolate mint, so I bet he'd be all over them. I will wait until he's here to make them, though.

    Aren't those old newspaper ads fun to look at? I have an antique chest that is lined with newspapers from the 1960's and I'm not about that change that. They're a sweet reminder of days gone by.

    1. Mindy, I love chocolate and mint, it's a favorite for certain!

      I love those newspaper treasures. If you notice the holes in them, that's where the nails went through the folds! So funny what we do behind the scenes, isn't it?

  2. Will the Cronuts be offered at your farm stand this summer? This might mean a road trip....

    We started President's Day week with a snow storm - our first big one in a couple years. "They" named it Oliver, but I don't care what its name might be. I just appreciate the moisture! We got about 10" of snow at our house, and all of that delicious water will be soaking into our dry lawn as it melts. :-)

    Your spring peepers have been awake twice already? Do I remember right, that they wake up three times before spring arrives to stay?

    It sounds like spring might be just around the corner for you!

    1. Jan, I was watching your storm from afar.... and this naming winter storms is so silly.... it makes them seem like they've suddenly achieved hurricane status... Kind of annoying because it is what it is... now a blizzard, that I can understand! Blizzards are BLIZZARDS! :)

      Yes, the peepers woke up that one day in January and that was odd.... And this time they only woke for a few hours and then all went silent when it was still warm... so they must know it's too early. I told them what I tell the fractious kids that don't let parents sleep at night:

      1. Roll over.
      2. Close your eyes.
      3. Go back to sleep.


      So maybe early spring???? Right now it's a sea of mud, Jan!!!

  3. There's never a dull moment at your house, Ruthy -- even in the dead of winter (which sometimes masks as spring.) We had spring weather this week too -- and torrential rains followed by a flash freeze so now it's ice galore again and the snow is all crusted and crystallized and in no shape for any kind of playing. And tomorrow it's freezing rain. Mother Nature is going through a mid-life crisis, I think.

    Those Hostess cupcakes...that's just wrong. Why mess with a good thing? I didn't even know they still made them -- stopped selling them up here a few years ago.

    And smocked dresses!!!!!! I never managed to master that skill but my daughter had a few very cute smocked dresses. Sigh, such sweet memories.

    1. I loved the smocked dresses... why don't they make them anymore? That's plain foolish because this grandma would be plunking down money for them!

      I used to watch for them at garage sales... they'd be like new... And I made a few, but then the girls got bigger and I was working... no more smocking!

      Crazy up-and-down weather, right? But we've been here before. You and me and Jan... We've got this.

      But I'll be ready for tiny flower shoots in April!!! :)

  4. Replies
    1. They were ridiculously good! Like so good as to be amazing!!!!

  5. BTW, I wonder if some museum might like those newspapers! Those are in amazingly good shape.

    1. Then I probably shouldn't have tossed them????


  6. Adventure upon adventure at the farm and your home. I enjoy seeing vintage pictures of clothes, cards, etc.
    Blessings as you finialize your wonderful stories and edits. More great books to read. : )

    Our weather is warm then cold with robins arriving already and early flowers popping through and little crocuses in starting to bloom.

    1. Marilyn, I'm living vicariously through your glimpses of spring! No robins here yet, but migrating geese just started their fly-overs... so we'll see the smaller birds in a few weeks! Yay!!!!

      And thank you for your words of love! I am so blessed to do what I do.