Thursday, January 25, 2018


Well, we are self-quarantined because we have a dreadful bug going around our house... So a couple of us are hiding out on the second floor, avoiding the spread of germs...

Which means I have very little to offer for fun this week!


Having said that, into each life some rain must fall, so I'm hoping next week will be better. But there is this I'm sharing, done with cube steaks....

And it's like an old-fashioned diner meal!

First, I pounded out the cube steaks slightly.... and cut them into smaller pieces. And I sliced up a big, sweet onion... Beef and onions? Yes!

Then I shook the steaks in a simple flour/salt/pepper/garlic powder blend to coat them.

Heat a large frying pan with olive oil, not too much.... Just cover the bottom, plus a little! :)

Set the cube steaks into the heated oil.  Brown on both sides... Set into big roaster or broiler pan when done... and do the rest of the cube steaks (Yes, we were feeding a crowd...)

When done, add water to the drippings... stir and heat... pour over the pan of steak and onions.

Cover and heat in oven at 300 degrees for about an hour, until fork tender.

Now you can thicken the broth, or serve it just like this. Great with pasta or a side of potatoes, or just on its own for a high-protein, low-carb choice!

And then this is farm life in winter in Western New York.... Snowblowing after a foot of overnight snow last week....

A kitten in a nest....

Sunrise through the trees from my kitchen window! The winter sunrises are often alive with color because of the hovering cloud banks...

Isn't that so fun?????

So that's how life is going up here... other than being sick, we're blessed to be warm. Snug. Fed!!!

Counting our blessings!

Multi-published inspirational author Ruthy Logan Herne loves to cook and bake but she mostly loves to write sweet stories that bring faith, hope and love alive for the reader... That's her happy place! :) Follow her on Twitter, Friend her on facebook, e-mail her at or visit her website she loves to talk and visit with readers and authors!  (In the interest of full disclosure, this picture is of the NON-SICK Ruthy... The sick Ruthy does not resemble this today.... But she is hopeful to resemble this again soon!!!!


  1. Ruthy, I'm sorry you're sick and I pray you will get well soon. I'm sure all of those who love to hang out at your place feel the same way.

    What beautiful sunrises! And I remember using the snow blower when I was growing up in Michigan. Dad worked a 4-midnight shift, so if it was snowing bad, it was my duty to make sure the driveway was cleared so he could get in. Far better, and faster, than shoveling.

    I made some chicken soup last night. Wish I lived close enough to bring you some. Get well soon, my Upstate friend.

  2. I can't imagine a sick Ruthy. Okay, I can...but in my imagination you're still smiling and loving on your family. :-)

    The steaks sound like the perfect comfort food! I had my bright colors to go with our sunshine earlier this week, but the clouds are moving in and we might get more snow!

    Meanwhile, the Black Hills Stock Show begins tomorrow. Bring on those steaks! The cowboys are coming to town!

  3. Sorry you are feeling sick, Ruthy. Praying for a speedy recovery. Nasty flu-y-ness all around this year.

  4. Oh no! Sickness went around work and (knock on wood) I have yet to catch it. I love making beef or pork cube steak in gravy! Put over mashed potatoes is AMAZING! The photo of snow makes me want to go sledding! We are all just big kids right? Feel better soon!

  5. Hope you feel better!

    I love this recipe. Will have to try it. We like to make white gravy to go over cubed steak. Onions look really good with it!

  6. Praying for good healthy, Ruthy!
    And this cube steak with onions sounds/looks yummy! I'd serve mine with mashed potatoes (I'm getting hungry typing this and I've already had my supper, LOL).
    Sending germ-free hugs from Georgia!! Patti Jo :)

  7. Good grief - - should've proof-read, LOL.
    That first line should be good HEALTH, not healthy! ;)