Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Cooking a sandwich

Okay, that was a totally lame blog title, but I had no ideas. If you think you can do better, please post your suggestions in the comments, and I may even change it.

But back to the cooked sandwich....

Really it's about having a nasty cold and needing to eat something, but having no appetite.

I had no appetite, but I did have a jar of honey mustard, so in the hopes that the bite of the mustard would do something to clear the sinuses, I did a riff on a summer favorite.

I had some cooked chicken breast, so I slathered it with honey mustard and then heaped lettuce on top. I put that in the oven for about ten minutes sealed up in it's foil packet.

The lettuce wilts a bit as it cooks.

The first time I made this was on a baguette and it was definitely better. The second time was on low salt mini-pitas. Still good, but lacking that satisfying crunch.

The first time, I sliced oranges on top of the chicken and lettuce on the baguette. That remains my favorite way to enjoy this. However, I was experimenting the second time around, so I tried adding butternut squash and some pomegranate arils. They made a nice variation.

 So, what do you think? Is there a better name for this blog post?

And now to the happy part - my favorite part of decorating for the holidays is greens with little white lights. Is anyone surprised that my fireplace is filled with books??  Hubby's idea.


  1. I love hot sandwiches. I'm not a fan of Pita bread, so I'd prefer the baguette or a nice, chewy bagel... and I hear you about the bug going around. I'm so sorry you're not well. It's hard when you work with kids, because we put ourselves in the direct line of fire!

    We have a sub shop in the next town that does hot turkey subs with crisp veggies. They heat the meat and may and roll, but then they pile on crisp lettuce and tomato and onion if you want it... so you get the fresh crisp and hot meat/roll.

    Does that make sense?

    It's early!!!

    1. LOL, I'm finding the peril of working with older kids is they are all on face level, generously sharing germs.

      Love that crisp/soft mix.

  2. Your sandwiches sound delicious!

    I had never thought of cooking the insides of the sandwich in a foil packet. A great way to get the hot filling, but still keep the bread/bun/pita fresh and soft.

    I hope you feel better soon!

    1. And that fireplace!

      I'm assuming it's never used for a fire.... ;)

  3. Ugh to you being sick! The perils of working with small children. Feel better soon!

    I love sauteeing a bunch of veggies -- like mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and peppers and then slathering that on bread, topping it all with grated cheese and putting it int he oven until it's all melty gooey delicious! Definitely no lettuce. Ugh to wilted lettuce.

    I adore your fireplace!!! I've always wanted to do that but I've never had a fireplace. Ever. Boohoo!

    1. My parents had one that actually worked. I liked that, but this is safer. :)

      Your sandwich sounds fab, but I'm trying to cut back on cheese. :(

  4. LOL, Jan. No, it's no longer a working fireplace.

  5. Sorry I’m so late getting over here, Mary Cate. Yesterday was a long one. I hope you’re feeling better.

    The sandwich looks yummy and I love greenery and lights over a fireplace. I had to go for battery-operated lights this year since there are no outlets near either of the fireplaces. Yes, we have two now, one of which has never been used since the house was built in 1975. Then again, that room pretty much served as a museum. Go figure.

    But I digress. No fires in your fireplace either, though. Otherwise you’d be saying goodbye to all those books.

  6. At first glance I thought this said COOKIE sandwich! Boy I was confused when you talked about mustard! This is on the menu this week!