Thursday, June 15, 2017

Symphony Bar Brownies

It's planting season....

And it's June.

Anyone who knows anything about life with kids and school and church and knows that May and June tend to be the busy, busy months of the year.

And it's also baseball season for Little League (Little Dave and Eli) and travel soccer (granddaughter Emma) and kindergarten graduation (Xavier) and soccer for Mary Ruth (only got to ONE game!!!)

And planting time....

On a hands-on farm, with no big, timesaving equipment, we all get called on to plant, fertilize, watch kids (build a chicken coop!!!), etc.... so cooking time is minimal. It goes on a grill or it doesn't happen. :)

Old favorites. Quick salads. Quick meals. A lot of on the run sandwiches....  I think that's why the quiet of  winter attracts me. I have time to breathe, plan, cook and eat.

And I always gain weight, so that's the DARK SIDE of winter!!! ;)

Anyway, today's treat is super easy...  Two giant Symphony bars....

And two brownie mixes...

DONE! :)

Mix two brownie mixes according to directions.

Spread 1/2 in a 15 X 11" pan.....

Break the Symphony bars into the cute little rectangle sections....

Set the candy sections evenly spaced on top of the brownie mix in the pan...

Spread the other half of the brownie mix over the Symphony bar pieces....

Bake about 35 minutes or until the brownie edges dull and seem done... the thicker the brownie layers, the longer the oven time.


DELICIOUS! And you can cut the brownies along the "lines" between the candy chunks that get all m-e-l-t-y smooth in the middle.

So here's a peek at the farm these past two weeks...

This guy was buzzing the farm last week. I thought he might be crop dusting... Dave said no... but he was looping back and forth and flying low!!!

Iris time!!!!!

Well there were more fun pics but Blogger is angry with me.... or tired. Yes, probably tired...

So we'll leave it on that note... great brownies, awesome chocolate and pretty flowers....

And thousands of pumpkin and squash seeds in the ground...

And a new mystery releasing and another one almost done....

Oh, happy day!

Glad you stopped by and I'm hoping your summer is blessed beyond belief!

Multi-published, bestselling author Ruth Logan Herne loves God, her family, country, dogs, cats, miniature donkeys.... More about that LATER!!!!

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  1. These brownies look awesome! And easy! *fist pump*!

    I won't make them when I'm home alone - or even if it's only the hubby and I. This recipe calls for a crowd, or I'll be eating the whole pan!

    Fun summer days with the kids and the farm! Enjoy. The dark, cozy winter days will be back soon enough. :)

    1. Oh, I agree on all counts. This is such a blessing, these times of sun and shade... of color! So much green, so many flowers, I can't begin to tell you how excited I am! :)

  2. I am going to try these with a smaller pan and one box. Maybe add a Heath bar? Busy schedules are common. Summer or winter season crock pot meals are my go to. Overtime this week resulted in a crock pot soup yesterday thrown together the night before for dinner last night. If I didn't plan ahead Jacob might eat spaghettios and pasta all week! Instead soup is thrown in the mix for some healthier eating.

    1. Katie, spaghetti is my standby food as well. :)

    2. Katie, sure, one box and a smaller pan.... You need enough brownie above and below to make it not bleed through. But such a fun recipe! And I add decadent chocolate frosting (Hershey's Perfect Chocolate Frosting) because why not go for a trifecta??? :)

  3. Ruthy, my house is sadly boring compared to yours! I need to come up there for a field trip. :)

    I love this recipe! Brownies are my favorite dessert. Thank you!

    1. My grandson Logan loves brownies... and Lacey knows that brownies are her downfall... so I make them here and when that little man comes in, the smile on his face... So excited!!!! Missy, there is one thing we can never claim here, and that's boredom.... it's a bevy of activity from dawn (which is well before 5:00 AM right now!!! to dusk! When we finish the day during planting season, it's drop and sigh time!