Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Salmon Potato Cheddar Pie

I mentioned in a previous post that I haven't been feeling the soup love this winter.

But the weather has turned colder, so the yearning for comfort food kicked in.

I turned to one of my favorites.

Salmon Potato Cheddar Pie.

I really should call it Cheddar Salmon Cheddar Potato Cheddar Pie.

I'm guessing you figured out the key ingredient. :)

The recipe is one of my creations and it's really simple.

First I boiled potatoes and baked the salmon filets.  (The amount of each would vary according to your preferences. I definitely err on the side of potatoes.)

Sacrilege here - but I used deep dish pre-made pie crusts. This is easy, remember.  Those of you who are pie crust whizzes, feel free to whip up your own. I pre-bake the crust for about ten minutes, just long enough to make sure it won't be soggy.

Now comes the fun part.

A layer of shredded cheddar, a layer of potatoes.

I added in some sweet onion to this layer. It gives it a nice bite.

More cheddar.

I crumbled the salmon on top.

More cheese and potatoes.

I used the Kraft Triple Cheddar shredded cheese.

Place the crust on top. Then, you guessed it - sprinkle more cheese over the crust.  The first time I did this it was because I only had some broken pieces of crust left over and I was trying to fill it up. It was so delicious that it became an official step in the recipe.

Heat for about half an hour or until everything is heated through and the cheese is nice and melty. I took Fenway for a walk during this part and it was the exact right amount of time.


My husband is not a fan of salmon so often if I'm making chicken pot pie for him, I'll whip up one of these and then I have lunches for a week.


  1. This looks really good, Mary Cate. I don't do potatoes very often, but this might be a good excuse.

    1. Me either, Mindy. And I always wonder why I don't. They are a great source of magnesium - so healthy too!

  2. This looks wonderful! Like you, I'd have to do a chicken pot pie for my salmon-loathing husband, but that's doable. :)

    I have some Pyrex dishes that would be perfect for individual pot pies...hmmm....I think I could get a couple of those plus a pumpkin pie or two out of my pie crust recipe....

    I think I know what's going on the menu next week, but it looks like I'll have to stock up on cheese!!!

    1. For sure, Jan. I had made this before, but it was all the extra cheese that really took it over the top - especially the cheese sprinkled on top of the pie crust.

  3. Oh -- yum -- I can omit the salmon and throw in some extra broccoli or cauliflower and carrots. And I could make baby ones so I could put some in the freezer. Awesomesauce.

    1. I'm sure that would be great, Kav. The potatoes and cheese are the best part.