Saturday, February 18, 2017

Fish fillet tostadas with spicy cilantro cream sauce

Hello, everybody! Mary Jane here and I have a delicious recipe for fish tostadas. (Actually, this could be set on rice or salad, too, but I like some crunch with my veggies.)

One package of breaded fish fillets, or bread and fry up your preferred fish
two cups corn
two cups black beans
four avocados
3 small tomatoes, chopped
4 tsp chopped onion

Veggie sauce:
2 tsp olive oil
3 tsp honey
4 tsp lime juice
dash of cumin
dash of cayenne pepper

Cream sauce:
2 tsp minced garlic
2 tsp fresh cilantro fresh cilantro
4 tsp lime juice
1 cup mayo
1/4 tsp cayenne
4 oz canned green chiles, mild
salt to taste

4 or 5 corn tortillas
salt to taste
Oil for frying

So, chop the avocados, tomatoes, onion and add to the corn in a medium bowl. 
 Mix the lime juice, cayenne pepper, honey, salt, and garlic together and add to the veggies above.
 Random pictures of chopped tomatoes. *sigh* These were from a store. How I miss fresh tomatoes right now!
 Prep the cilantro so it's ready to add as a garnish. I'm NOT a cilantro fan. Even the smell of it makes me queasy. But my husband loves it, so here we are... lots of cilantro. Because love.
 I love fresh limes. :)
Heat about 1 1/2 cups of vegetable oil in a small pan until hot enough to crisp corn tortillas. 
I also made some corn chips for those who preferred mostly veggies and just some chips for a garnish.
As soon as the tostada is out of the oil and cooled, pile on the veggies and beans. This is a bit of a deceptive photo since the reality was almost all the ingredients were separate because I have picky eaters, so people were adding what they wanted, with or without sauce.
 Now, add the mayonnaise, garlic, lime juice, cayenne pepper and cilantro to a blender and blend completely. Add salt to taste.
 The fish should be cooked or near cooked by now. I picked up the wrong fillets so these weren't as crunchy as I wanted, but they were still good.
 Add the cilantro cream sauce and garnish with fresh cilantro.
A shot of the tortillas. If I wasn't so scared of hot oil, I'd make fresh tortilla chips every day!

Enjoy! I hope everyone is surviving the dark days of February. :) We haven't been felled by sickness yet  (knock on wood) and I have a dream of escaping the winter without any terrible colds or stomach flu! Be sure to stop by my author pages of Mary Jane Hathaway or Virginia Carmichael where I share all my book news and announcements.
Until next week!


  1. What a delightful taste sensation this must be. I love that you blend shore and Mexican together beautifully, and I never give fish tacos strange looks like I used to because I know you. Who knew of such things here in Yankee land, unless you could go to Mexican restaurants?

    So your modes and methods are so much fun. Well done!

    1. My husband actually thinks eating fish is sort of strange (he's from a town far, far, far inland from the ocean, and actually hadn't seen the ocean until the age of 30). But I'm all about the seafood!

  2. This is wonderful. I keep wondering about fish tacos and wanting to try them. I imagine this is pretty close???

    1. I would say so! I think fish tacos are generally tacos... with fish. So, as many ways to prepare a taco there are, plus substituting the fish for the meat.

  3. Looks fabulous! What a beautiful blend of flavors and colors. :)

  4. In agree on the wonderful colors! This looks so yummy! I make a similar corn and bean salad/dip. And I adore cilantro! :)