Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year's Eve!

Hello, everybody!! Mary Jane here wishing you a VERY happy New Year's Eve!

If you haven't claimed your prizes, please be sure to contact us by our blogs or facebook pages so we can get those to you. :)

If you have a party planned but still don't know what to cook, check out our list of delicious appetizers, warm and filling easy recipes and melt-in-your-mouth delightful easy desserts!

Also, be sure to stop by Seekerville tonight for their annual New Year's Eve blowout! Lots of fun book chats and (of course) giveaways. Yours truly will be there around (counting backwards an checking time zones) 2PM Pacific Time so come on by and tell me what YOU do to beat discouragement!

I hope to see you there, and may your New Year's Day be peaceful and bright!


  1. Happy New Year to all of you also. Looking forward to another year of yummy ideas for one of my favorite passtimes. - Eating. LOL

  2. Happy New Year, Mary Jane. I'm snowed preparing a homemade pizza for my New Year's Eve dinner. And rice pudding because i heard it meant you'd have good fortune if you eat rice on the last day of the year. :-)

  3. Happy New Year.

    I just finished up my hour hosting at Seekerville. What fun. Be sure to stop by if you haven' had the chance yet.

  4. Thanks! I hope you have a great new year as well!