Thursday, November 17, 2016

Easy and Delicious Coconut Cake

Tina Radcliffe mentioned this cake a while back.

Oh my stars, I haven't forgotten it for these last two or more years and never got around to making it. But I kept thinking about it.

Always at a time when I didn't have the stuff or there wouldn't be anyone around to eat it.

Life with grown daughters/daughters-in-law/nieces/daycare moms is interesting... Someone is ALWAYS on a diet.


And I can't eat the whole thing myself!!! (Well, I can, but I shouldn't, right????)

So I went online and checked out the recipe... Made Dave buy Goya's "Cream of Coconut". They had one can in the store!!! Now that I know how good this cake is, we'll have to buy more.

And after reading opinions online, I started with a "Golden Vanilla" cake mix because most folks recommended a cake mix that had a fuller flavor than plain white or yellow... So the Golden Vanilla was in the cupboard and got the vote.

Mix and bake cake mix as directed. Bake in 13" x 9" pan until done... Let cake cool for about five - ten minutes. With a straw or a wide-pronged fork (like a meat fork, the big ones with thicker tines) poke holes all over the surface of the cake.

When you've peppered holes across the cake, then warm the coconut cream (which really looks like syrup with coconut oil on top).

Whisk it lightly to mix the coconut oil into the syrup as it heats... Drizzle over the cake, letting the coconut cream syrup sink into those lovely little holes...

The original recipe called for using a can of Sweetened Condensed milk AND the Cream of Coconut, but most opinions on the web disagree.

Using both would create a more "Tres Leches" coconut cake scenario, where the cake is literally drenched with milk syrups. By using the single can of coconut cream, the texture was perfect. Tender and moist and flavored like coconut, but with no sogginess.

Refrigerate for several hours or overnight.

Frost with Cool Whip style whipped topping and garnish with fresh coconut.

(I love using real whipped cream in some recipes, but in this one I prefer the Cool Whip. It doesn't get funny tasting if refrigerated for a few days, and it holds up nicely against the sweet cake.)

This has become a favorite here with coconut lovers... of which I am one!

I'm finally getting a chance to clean a little! The farm season is pretty much over, and when I take a writing break, I can dust something.

Dusting is NOT inspirational, but it's necessary now and again (and we do have holidays coming up!!! Someone needs to dust something or wash something or... well, you get it!) And I like to do something that keeps me moving between scenes. That gets my brain going.

I have to say the house seems happier. That might be because the windows are clean and the light shines through. That would make any house happy, LOL!

Let me know what you think of this cake. And remember, if you're not a coconut lover, we can doll this cake up with pretty much any flavor (like the Jello "poke" cakes, remember?) and present it as a holiday fave with red and green Jello drizzled into the holes!

How fun would that be???

Until next week, thanks for being here... Leave your coffee order on the counter, and I'll get right to it!


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  1. I love coconut cake but have never made one. I need to remedy that!! Thanks of for sharing!

  2. Missy. You will become the CHURCH FAVORITE with this recipe. I am not kidding... and look how easy, right?

    WE LOVE EASY!!!!

    And I was thinking that for summertime, we could use pineapple ice cream topping and spread that on, then top that with Cool Whip... and have a Pina Colada cake! Wouldn't that be perfect summer fare????

  3. I LOVE anything coconut, but I have the same problem you mentioned - no one else around who eats coconut who will help me eat it. I may have to come visit you.

    And the cleaning - there is ALWAYS pet hair. I don't know how two animals can possibly shed so much hair!

    1. Cate, we should gather the pet hair and WEAVE it. We can touch base with our ancestral roots, honey. :)

      This freezes beautifully Cate... I know this because a few pieces found their way into the freezer for moments of weakness... or great joy!!!

    2. Good to know.

      I think.

      My freezer laughs at the idea.

  4. I've been cleaning, too. Thanksgiving is next week (already!) and we're hosting, so I'm trying to get the pet hair under control and reducing the clutter so people can actually see the couch when they want to sit down.

    And this coconut cake...ooooh! It's going to have to make an appearance at the next carry-in dinner!

    1. Jan, you must try it! It is a popularity contest winner!!!! (stroking my over-inflated Ruthy ego...)

      It's so good. And someone today suggested chocolate cake. Oh my stars, how good would that be????

  5. You had me at coconut cake, Ruthy. And I love poke cakes. They're so fun, so simple, so yummy. I can't wait to make this!

    1. Dave brought home another can of Cream of Coconut today!!! They only had one can last week.... But now I have back-up, Mind-O!!!! :) A girl must have back-up!!!

  6. this looks so good -I want to try one too and I don't bake much, all the pies and cakes at the store look so good that I think, I could be reading instead of baking.