Wednesday, September 21, 2016

One last summer salad

I know I've gone kind of overboard on salads this summer, but since this is technically the last day of summer, I'm safe for one last summer salad. (Plus the temps are still flirting with 90 here and the humidity is just plain gross!)

Honestly, this is a case of last is BEST!

This was an I'm starving, what can I eat kind of salad, and OH.MY.WORD it was delicious!

And so simple!

I started with the lettuce that made a salad convert of me this summer - my baby romaine mix.

I added a chopped up honeycrisp apple.

Some toasted sunflower seeds!

Red wine vinegar and oil - just splashed it on.

And what made it a meal a filet of salmon poached in honey mustard.

The flavors blended so beautifully and it was a salad that was both filling and so tasty.

So are you done with salads now that autumn is in the air?

Or are you looking forward to some autumn versions?


  1. This sounds delicious! I love salmon on salads. In fact, I love salads year round. They make a nice change from soup and chili and stews. :)

    1. I've always liked eating them, but never wanted to hassle with washing all the greens. This Canadian mix I've been buying is so wonderful. I think I'll be eating year round too!

  2. I'm having a salad for lunch today, even though the temps are in the 60's. Mine is with beef, but now I'm wishing I still had some salmon in the house!

    I hope you get some cooler weather soon.

    1. I love to use steak in my salads, Jan. That's one my husband will eat too. He's not a salmon fan. He takes his fish fried.

      Thanks for sharing this on FB.

  3. Love that apples are here and love this combination!!!!

    1. Hi Julie,

      Thanks for stopping by. I'm making a different version of it tonight with honey mustard pork instead. I figured the pork and apples would go well together.