Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Apple Tuna Salad and a Cute Owl

Since apples seem to be the theme of the week (and deservedly so), I went back into my recipe file to see what I could find to share that would complement the wonderful recipes Mindy and Jan posted.

I discovered my apple tuna salad, and decided that would be a nice counterpoint to apple desserts.

I’m always looking for healthy, portable lunches that are high in protein because I need that protein to get through the busy school day.

Tuna salad is great, but all that mayonnaise no longer agrees with me.

I was looking for an alternative and sort of accidentally created a tuna salad that is extremely healthy and tastes great too. The key is shredded apples.

I’ve always loved adding apples and walnuts to my tuna salad but one day when I was tired of cutting up apples, I grabbed my vegetable grater.

  I shredded the apples and added them with a smidgeon of mayo (for flavor) and the walnuts.


The shredded apples were the perfect counterpoint to the dry tuna so I didn’t need a lot of mayo or dressing. The walnuts added some extra crunch and filling protein.

Now I don’t think of eating tuna any other way.

Do you have any healthy ways you’ve changed up some traditional recipes?

And finally, I wanted to share my cute little owl. He's the happy byproduct of an unhappy event that made me so angry I wanted to vent.

I needed to buy a new bathmat so I headed to a local store after work today. I didn't see the bathmats where I expected them to be, so I went over to ask the owner where to find him.
I never got the chance, because the conversation I overheard made me SO angry that I stormed out of the store.

The store owner was talking to another employee about how he was going to fire two of his cashiers because they were handicapped. He went on to belittle these men with the most offensive language (I won't even repeat the mean words he used.) So instead of asking for help, I looked him in the face and informed him that he had just lost a customer.

But then I found myself on the street - still in need of a bathmat. There was really only one choice - a drugstore that sells medical items. I figured I'd give it a try. I was in luck. But they only had one color - light blue.

Okay, I thought. I can stand on a light blue bathmat in order to stand up to injustice.

And when I got home and opened it, this is who was inside.

So, now when I see my little owl bathmat, I shall smile.


  1. I love that you not only stood your ground, you had a face-off!!! I'm so stinkin' proud of you! If every one of us was just a little kinder, nicer, gentler... oh, what a difference it would make! Think of the paradigm shift if we all went just ten degrees more to the "nice" side of the wheel!!!!

    And I'm in love with the wise owl bathmat. PERFECT!

    I've added fruit and nuts to chicken salad, but I've never done it with tuna. I'll have to try it, Cate... it sounds wonderful, and I love my hand grater. Great machine and it's not much different than the one my grandmother used a hundred years back. Isn't that amazing?

  2. Oh, that is horrible. I'm not good at situations like that. I always think of something good to say... an hour later. I really admire you for not simply walking away silently, but saying EXACTLY what was wrong and how you would not be shopping there. Also, you might think of lodging a complaint with the BBB because being handicapped should not be reason to fire anyone. Of course, maybe it's better that they don't work under such a horrible person, either.

    We eat apples and turkey together, so I can see how apples and tuna would be delish!

    Also, my girls collect owls so they're all over the house. :)

  3. What a great idea for the tuna salad! I use olive oil and red wine vinegar in mine.

    Good for you for making a stand!! I love the owl, and I'm glad you took your business elsewhere.

  4. First of all, great job speaking up!

    Second, I have never thought of putting fruit in my tuna salad. Duh! But I have apples and tuna...I think I'll try this for lunch today!

    And I love the owl. He'll make you smile every morning. :)

    1. I just finished my lunch. I used a pear instead of an apple (it was super ripe - I mashed it instead of grating it!), and pecans instead of walnuts...but the verdict is in.

      Delicious! :)

  5. I have never thought to add apples to tuna! I can't wait to try this.

    I'm proud of you telling the manager he'd lost a customer. Supervisors and/or managers set the tone for a business, and there is never a reason to belittle employees.

  6. You are my hero, Mary Cate. So glad you spoke up and took your business elsewhere. I wonder what the employee the manager was talking to thought? Doesn't sound like a nice place to work.

    And bonus -- love the owl. But not the tuna. I'll just have my apple plain...or in an apple cake...or strudel...or pie...

  7. What a great story, Mary Cate. That owl is a cutie. And the recipe sounds yummy, too. Might have to try shredding those apples.