Friday, August 26, 2016

No-Cooking Friday...Plus a Mini Vacation

Missy Tippens

Okay, I admit it. I was at the beach last week, and I only cooked one or two meals. Both of which were boring and the usual stuff I've already posted here multiple times. The rest of the time we either ate sandwiches or leftovers or ate out. Sooo...

I'm just going to share a few beach photos from Orange Beach, Alabama, so you can feel as if you've had a little vacation. :)

This is the night we arrived. We stayed in a different condo this time. Here was the beautiful view...

Here's the peaceful view from the balcony the next day...

Pour you a cup of coffee and enjoy a morning of waves lapping against the sand with the cry of seagulls to relax you... 

Of course, you need a little fun time down at the water. Enjoy the warm sand and the waves...

Oh, and since I write romance, I had to share this. Someone wrote this huge love letter on the beach one night! :)

Our last evening there, telling the beach goodbye for another year...

Oh! I do have a shot of food! While there, we usually try to eat at Lambert's Cafe--"Home of the Throwed Rolls." :) Hot, gigantic, wonderful yeast rolls tossed across the room to you. :) My kids made great catches this year. I won't share stories of all the years the bread went awry. :)

We had a wonderful vacation. Now back to real life. (big sigh) So, what's your favorite vacation spot?


  1. Home of the Throwed Rolls!!! I'm laughing so hard! Reminds me of the fishmongers at Pike's Place Market in Seattle. With the tourists, they make a show of tossing it back and forth, yelling "heyyyy, yeahhhhh" . Especially with the little kids, they make sure they've got a good shot at catching it.
    But with the locals, they just yell your name and toss it. If it lands on the floor, they'll just rinse it off. LOL

  2. The beach!

    The problem with living in the midwest all my life is that a trip to the beach is a rarity. I haven't been to the ocean...well...let me think... Wow. It has to be when I was in the Netherlands in the fall of 1979. I walked from the hostel down to the beach - it was the North Sea. Beautiful and cold.

    That was a long time ago. A long time.

    But my favorite vacation place has to be Michigan and Indiana. We go twice a year to visit family. We live too far away and life is too short to go anywhere else. :)

    And I love those "throwed rolls"!

    1. Jan, I'm dying to visit Michigan someday! Those commercials they do sold me.

  3. You've all seen endless pictures of my favorite vacation spots in Maine. Sadly, we didn't get to go this year. I'm consoling myself today (this was our usual week) by remembering that I don't have an 8 hour drive home tomorrow.

    Love the pictures, Missy. My Maine pictures are almost all rocky beaches so I love your soft sand.

    1. Yes, very different beaches. I'm sure those are beautiful, too! I love the Gulf with the soft, white sand and calm waters. :)

  4. I would like to visit Maine sometime. It sounds lovely!

    1. I would, too! I was just talking with a woman from there the other day. She said it's stunning in the fall.