Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Festive Thumbprint Cookies

Tonight is my friend Drenda's annual cookie swap. However, the recipe I'm going to share with you today is not what I'm taking. No, our Sunday school class had their Christmas party Saturday night, so it was an opportunity for me to make one of my favorite cookies without worry of eating every single one of them myself.

There are several reasons I love these cookies. First, the dough is buttery, so it has a nice texture. Second, they're coated in pecans and I LOVE pecans. Lastly, the little dollop of jelly is such a festive and delicious addition.

Here's what you'll need for these yummy treats:

1 cup (2 sticks) butter, softened
3/4 cup sugar
2 eggs, separated
1 tsp. almond extract
2 cups all purpose flour
1/4 tsp. salt
1 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1 1/4 cup finely chopped pecans
Red currant jelly (if you can't find red currant jelly, seedless raspberry is a good substitute)

Beat butter at medium speed with an electric mixer until creamy. Gradually add sugar, beating well.

Add egg yolks.
And almond extract, 
beating until blended.

Next, combine your flour, salt and cinnamon.
And gradually add to the butter mixture, 
Blending on low speed until fully incorporated.
Cover and chill dough for one hour.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Shape chilled dough into 1 inch balls.
Lightly beat your egg whites, then dip each ball into the egg white
And roll in pecans.
Place 2 inches apart on ungreased baking sheets.
Now, press your thumb into each cookie to make an indentation.

Bake in 350 degree oven for 15 minutes.
Cool 1 minute on baking sheets. Press centers again while cookies are still warm.

Fill center of each cookie with jelly.

I've had this recipe for at least a dozen years, but haven't made them in a few years. In the past, I was never able to find red currant jelly. This year when I went to grocery store, as soon as I lifted my gaze to peruse the plethora of jellies, I spotted a jar of red currant. Go figure. 
I have to say, I do like the flavor. A little more tart, but still plenty sweet.

Hubby loved them, the remaining boy at home loved them... In my world, that's a two thumb's-up. :)

So after a year of feeling overwhelmed, I finished the edits on my June release and turned in my next proposal in November. Then I determined to take off the rest of the year to focus on the holidays and family. Not to mention catch up on the many things I've let go. Funny, I never imagined I'd be quite so busy. But it feels good to finally be able to tick those things I haven't had time for off of my list. 

What has your year been like? Tough? Uneventful? Crazy? How have you handled it?


  1. Oh, yum, and my daughter and I were just talking about Christmas baking and finding a new recipe or two this year. Research done. :-)

    So glad you're going to enjoy the holidays and family now that all your deadlines have been met. Overwhelming years are no fun. Mine has been tough health-wise and I've had to make a lot of decisions I didn't think I'd have to make. The only way I handle it is one day at a time while I strive to give it all over to God. Of course, the controller in me tries to take it back and tell God how things should go. Sigh. But then I catch myself and give it over to Him again....it's been a back and forth thing all year. LOL

    1. Oh, Kav, I understand that back and forth all too well. But experience has taught me that no matter what the situation, God is always working for our good. We may not understand why we're going through certain things, but He has a purpose. So I encourage you to just hold on tight and trust Him to carry you through.

      So glad I could provide you with a new recipe. I hope you and your daughter have fun baking.

    2. Kav, I agree with what Mindy said. And I'm sorry it's been a tough year. I pray 2016 is better!

    3. Thanks, guys. And, yes, God is always working for my good. I've seen it in countless ways in the little things that people do or sweet 'mundane' blessings that suddenly become a lifeline. I'm learning how to be more in the moment and appreciate simplicity.

  2. These look delicious! Every year I have the same conundrum, though. I want to try new recipes, but everyone (including me) always want the traditional favorites, too.

    Tons and tons of cookies!

    Last year I got smart: small batches, and give a bunch away!

    Congratulations on meeting your deadline! I just finished the edits on my September 2016 release with Revell, and am nearly ready to send a proposal off to Love Inspired. BUT, I still have a June 1 deadline. My Christmas holidays won't start for another week or so, but I WILL take time off to do some baking and enjoy the season!

    1. The downside to a passion for baking, Jan. So many recipes, but only so many mouths to eat them. Mine being the biggest mouth,mor course. I need to do what the Pioneer Woman does. She makes several different treats, both sweet and savory, then assembles plates/gift packs to take to others. After all, not everyone likes to bake. We need to show those who buy those dreadful cookies Mary talked about how good holiday cookies can really be.

      Like you, though, my family likes the tried and true. However, they are learning that change can be good. ;)

  3. I've had events the last few days, and still have our ACFW chapter party tonight. Tomorrow should be a good day (especially considering I get to have my hair colored and cover these terrible roots!). LOL

    1. This year more than ever, Missy, I've been thinking how different things are in other countries where they aren't pressed to cram everything into the month or less between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Like our friend, Kav, in Canada. They celebrate Thanksgiving in October. I even noticed Christmas decorations in some of the footage that came out of Paris after those dreadful attacks.

      But, it is what it is. Guess we just have to roll with it and remember the real reason for the season. :D

    2. I actually really enjoy all the events! I just wish I didn't have to fit in shopping. That's the part that stresses me. I've been doing most of it online so far.

  4. Also meant to say I think these cookies would be wonderful! I'll have to try baking them.

  5. Yummy looking cookies, Mindy.

    I love anything with nuts!

  6. One of my all time favorite cookies, and yes, I could sit and eat an entire batch, Mindy! I know I could!!!! I use sour cherry jam or if that's not available, red raspberry without seeds... There is something so delectably marvelous about these cookies, I just smile every time I see them!

    And congratulations on getting those edits done and stuff turned in. Isn't that the best feeling????

    1. Ooo, I bet the sour cherry would be yummy, too, Ruthy. And yes, it does feel good to have enverything turned in. Especially this time of year,