Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Salmon and Asparagus, Nuf Said

This is one of my favorite meals. Only five simple ingredients, and that includes the salmon and asparagus. I especially love it because everything is cooked on the grill, meaning I don't have to heat up my kitchen.

First thing you'll want to do is fire-up your grill. Salmon is best cooked with indirect heat, meaning you don't want the flames getting to the meat. If you don't have a grill with indirect heat, here are some tips. If you have multiple burners, turn on the burners on one side of the grill and then put your salmon on the other side. If you are using a charcoal grill, move your coals over to the side opposite of where you'll be putting the fish. Oh, and don't forget to oil your grates.

Let's start with those two ingredients that get top-billing.
Just plain salmon and asparagus. As if there's ever anything really plain about them.

Salmon first.
Brush both sides of the fillets with melted butter. You could use olive oil, but butter has so much more flavor.

Next up, another star of the show.
A little bit of salt, a little bit of citrus and good amount of black pepper really brings out the flavor of both of our headliners. 
Sprinkle both sides of your salmon fillets, though the skin side doesn't need quite as much. 

And that's it. It's ready for the grill.
Put the salmon on skin side down.
Close the lid and, depending on how hot your grill is (I recommend roughly 400 degrees), let it cook for approximately 7 minutes, depending on how thick your fillets are. If you're not sure, peak at it every couple of minutes to check the progress.

Asparagus time.
Drizzle your cut asparagus with a little bit of olive oil. Yes, I use olive oil for this one, because the asparagus was cold and we all know what happens when we put melted but on cold things. It turns into chunks and falls off.
Sprinkle on a little bit of the lemon pepper.
I like to do all of this in one of those reusable tubs that lunchmeat comes in, because the sides are just tall enough for me to do this without anything falling out.
Yep, I'm just tossing the asparagus around so that everything is coated with oil and lemon pepper.

Time to check on the salmon.
This is how it should look midway through. Now you're ready to flip it over and let it go for another 7-8 minutes.


Set the salmon aside and put your coated asparagus on the grill.
Spread them out so they're not overlapping. (Yeah, I missed one or two)
Close the lid and grill for 2-3 minutes, depending on the thickness of the asparagus.

Flip them over.
They should have just a hint of char to them.
Let them got for another 2 minutes and voila.
Dinner is served.
Light, easy and oh so delicious.

Hey, I recently heard a doctor on the radio, giving tips on how to reduce stress. Of course, he mentioned exercise, reducing caffeine (like that's going to happen) and sugar, but he also said that salmon was a great stress reducer. I did not know that. However, considering this author has only one week left until her deadline, BRING ON THE SALMON. 


  1. You had me at don't heat up the kitchen, and grill, LOL! I will not tell you how non-healthy last night's meal was.... I'll suffice to say, it should have been grilled fish and veggies.

    This looks marvelous! I love grilled fish, and grilled veggies so it's a perfect combo, Tex!!!! Thank you!

    1. Must have been something in the air, Ruthy. My dinner last night was much like yours and I'm already thinking salmon for tonight.

  2. Well I don't have a grill but when I'm out a visiting I do love grilled veggies. My daughter makes a lovely mix of potatoes, mushrooms and onions, seasoned with who knows what and then wrapped in foil and placed on the grill. Oh my goodness, it tastes amazing. Must see about getting in a late summer/early fall barbeque. Happy writing!

    1. Kav, there's just something about grilling or roasting veggies that brings out the best flavors. And we know how you love your veggies. :D

  3. One of my favorite meals!! I'll have to try the salmon with butter. :)

    1. Do, Missy. It brings out that natural buttery flavor in the salmon.

  4. Hi Mindy, I'm with you on using the grill. Not only do you prevent kitchen heating up, but you have no pans to wash. That's my favorite part. Have to pass on the Salmon. Can't eat fish ever since I was poisoned with some. But the asparagus. Yum.

    1. Yeah, I can see where that would kinda turn you off, Sandra. Poisoning will do that. And having no pans to wash is one of my favorite things about the grill.

  5. This sounds so good AND healthy! How often do you get to have that combination?

    Okay, quite often when you make the right choices. :)

    I love grilled salmon, but I've never done the asparagus. I'll have to try this soon!

    And go, go, go on that deadline. I've been feeling the stress, and am ready to de-stress my life now that I've reached my deadline. The story is due today - not quite finished, but I know I'm going to make it. That alone has de-stressed my day immensely. :)

    1. You'll do it, Jan. And then you can relax tomorrow. Maybe even have some salmon. ;)

  6. Isn't it nice to find out one of your food vices is actually good for you? I felt so validated when they started toting the powers of tea.

    You've got me wishing for a grill, Mindy. This city gal usually settles for poaching her salmon because grilling isn't an option even though this looks SO much tastier.

    I think I may have to switch up my post for tomorrow because I just used leftover salmon in a beet salad that was delicious. Not that I think there would be any leftovers from yours!

    And I LOVE asparagus.

    1. Hmm...have we talked tea, Mary Cate? If not, we need to.

      As I read your comment, I'm wondering how a grill pan might work for you. One you can put on you stove top. Might be worth a look-see.