Tuesday, June 2, 2015

BLT Chicken Salad

Stop the presses!

The rain has ceased, the clouds have parted and there are once again blue skies over Texas. God has rewarded our patience with what is shaping up to be a nice string of absolutely gorgeous days. And get this, there's not a 90 degree temp in sight. In June, in Texas, that's virtually unheard of. But I will most definitely take it.

Now that things are feeling a little more like summer, though, I'm having an easier time wrapping my brain around the idea of  salads as a meal. Call me weird, but I just don't enjoy salads as much when it's cold/cool outside. I want warm things when it's cold.

One of my all time favorite sandwiches has to be a BLT, with lots of bacon and some nice juicy tomatoes.  But since I tend to steer away from bread, sandwiches are few and far between at my house. So with a little thinking (I'm sure you could smell the smoke), I figured out a way to satisfy my craving, while keeping things low in carbs, yet with lots of good protein.

Let me introduce you to the BLT Chicken Salad.
Is your mouth watering yet? Kav, I'm sure yours will be once you finish mentally picking off all of the meat. ;)

This is easy. Start with a nice bed of lettuce and top it with a grilled chicken breast that's been cut into bite-sized pieces. Now add a little tomato and some decent sized chunks of cooked bacon.

Easy peasy.

I don't know about y'all, but I love my BLT sandwiches slathered with mayo. So to add some plain old ranch dressing to this mix would not do. After all, I'm trying to replicate a BLT.

So here's what I came up with. A little mayo (approx. 2T), some garlic powder (not too much, just enough to add a little flavor), salt and pepper to taste. 
I mixed that up, then decided it was too thick for a dressing, so I thinned it with just a little bit of milk and tasted it. Something still wasn't quite right. For a dressing, it needed a little zing. So I added just a tiny splash of vinegar. 


Naturally, I forgot to take a picture of the dressed salad. But let me tell you, it was divine. All the flavors, without any of the guilt. 
(Insert angels singing)

I may never go back to another BLT sandwich again. 

What's your favorite sandwich? Have you ever thought about turning it into something else?


  1. I love salads when it's hot too. I can live on them when the humidity starts to creep up. And salads aren't as tasty up here in the winter since everything has to be shipped and the veggies taste so bland. Nothing like fresh produce right off the vine!

    I'm being adventurous this week and trying out a new recipe -- cranberry walnut chickpea salad sandwiches!!!! I'm going to a casual pot luck on Thursday -- the salad and sandwiches kind and I thought I'd be tres adventurous! Think I'll serve it on wraps.

    1. That sounds yummy, Kav. We might have to get you to share that recipe with us. Let us know how they turn out.

  2. I've always contended that sandwich fillings make the best salads. I know folks who do the lettuce wrap thing but I still miss bread so your salad option seems like the best thing for me.

    And I am SO glad you are having a sunny spell. I heard that there was enough rain to cover the entire state of Texas in 8 inches.

    1. You are correct, Julie. 8 inches. But as I've said repeatedly, it was a drought buster. Lakes that were as low as 25% capacity are now full (okay, overflowing).

      As for sandwiches as salads, another fave of mine is a Reuben. Though I'm not sure I'd care for that in salad form. There just something unappealing about sauerkraut in my salad. ๐Ÿ˜‹

    2. The entire state of Texas covered in 8 inches of water??? And Texas is HUGE!!! I mean, a state where you can drive for 10 hours in a straight line and still not cross any state lines is BIG. Over 250,000 square miles big. I'm not going to take the time to do the math, but that much area, 8 inches deep? We're talking about a LOT of water. It boggles the mind!

      I'm so glad you have sunshine again!

    3. Jan, although they're talking about the rain we had across the entire state, I still can't help but wonder who on earth had enough brain cells to actually figure out that equation.

  3. Mindy, a BLT is one of my favs, too! That and grilled cheese. I don't know how we could make than into a salad, though. hahaha

    1. No, I'm not sure that one would work either, Missy. You just can't mess with perfection. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. This sounds like a fabulous salad. And I have grilled chicken, bacon AND lettuce in my refrigerator! (Forget the tomatoes - I won't eat them anyway.)

    And yes, summer is salad time for me, too. My favorite is a variation of Ruthy's broccoli slaw, made with cabbage slaw instead. I add chicken, a few slivered almonds, and a sesame ginger dressing. It makes a fun oriental-style salad.

    And I agree about the Reuben. I like sauerkraut, but I like my Reubens grilled with cheese melting all over the place, and on a dark rye bread. That isn't going to translate well into a salad!

    1. Ooo, your salad sounds yummy, too, Jan. I might have to give that a try. But you're right, that Reuben is not going to translate well at all. If I want a Reuben, I'll splurge for a good rye bread, too.

    2. This sounds perfect!!! A blt salad, kick the carbs to the curb and enjoy! Mindy, this is a wonderful idea and everyone who is the tiniest bit honest knows that bacon makes everything better! What a great idea!

      Jan, I use the cabbage slaw a lot, too. I try to vary back and forth and sometimes mix them up... I love the crunch of the broccoli slaw, but love the taste of shredded fresh cabbage!

      I use them for the base of about every salad I make and I love them!!!!And either one would make a great base here!

    3. Right you are on the bacon, Ruthy.

      You've got me hooked on broccoli slaw. I think I prefer the flavor to cabbage slaw. However, there are times when you just need cabbage.

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