Friday, May 22, 2015

Special Birthday Parties

Missy Tippens, here. I had the joy of celebrating a special birthday last week with my friend Talitha. If you've read my book Georgia Sweethearts, then you've read about a character I named after my friend--my heroine's dear great aunt named Talitha. :)

Here is my character's namesake.

And she just celebrated her 97th birthday!

Her family threw her a wonderful party at the nursing home. I'm sure Talitha is a fabulous addition to the residents, blessing them with her smiles and thoughtful ways. Even as she packed her home to move into the nursing home last year, she was still volunteering with hospice and at church. She's an amazing, giving woman.

Here's what's left of the cake. I didn't think to take photos until later in the party.

I had to get a photo with the birthday girl!

A wonderful celebration of an amazing woman.

Do you have someone in your life like Talitha, someone who is generous and always doing for others?


  1. What a wonderful celebration! Missy, that's my kind of cake: Half frosting! The cake only exists to hold the most frosting ever!!!!

    I'm so proud that you took the time to celebrate not only Talitha, (love the name!) but friendship, life, faith and good times. It's so easy to get caught up in the crazy and the busy, so I'm delighted you went to this wonderful celebration of life well-lived. God bless Talitha! She's absolutely beautiful!

  2. Yes, Ruthy, she's beautiful inside and out! When I got there, she walked me all around the room introducing me to her out-of-town family and friends. She wanted to make sure I had a nice time and felt welcomed. So sweet.

  3. I echo Ruthy - a wonderful celebration!

    When you think about how hard it is for people who reach their 90's and beyond - when they've outlived most or all of their siblings and friends, and even some of their children - it's a joy when you see them loving life.

    Give Talitha my happy birthday wishes!

  4. How beautiful!! She reminds me so much of my dear friend Eleanor. She was always helping people in our neighborhood, and had so many friends. I'm so happy you got to celebrate with your friend!

    1. It's so wonderful to know such special people! What a blessing.

  5. P.S. I know a Talitha, here in Oregon. I'll have to let her know I've heard of another!