Friday, April 17, 2015

A Week of Salads!

Missy, here. If you were reading the comments after Jan shared her fantastic salad jars the other day, you saw where I shared that I, too, had planned to talk about a week's worth of salads. :)

I noticed some new salad kits at the grocery store last week and couldn't make up my mind which one (or two) to buy. So…

I bought them all! I decided to make it a week of salads.

When I got home, I took a photo of each one to share the ingredients with y'all.

I've had this one several times (below). Kale and Brussels sprouts! Pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries. And a yummy poppy seed dressing

These that say Heart Health Kit were new to my store. Great ingredients as well! You can click on each photo to see the label better.

I ate this one already (below). It was really tasty! And felt very healthy.

I've had this one before too (below). Love the sesame ginger dressing!

There are so many options when you want a quick, healthy meal! And though they're a little pricey, it's still more economical than eating out.

For more protein, you can add grilled chicken or shrimp. Or open a can of tuna and add it on top. Or sometimes I slice up deli meat (usually ham).

Do y'all use pre-made salad kits? What are your favorites?

Oh, and since my salad photos weren't exactly scintillating, here's a gratuitous grand-dog photo! He was rooting in on my writing trying to get my attention. :)

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  1. Missy, fun and quick and healthy wins!!!!! I avoid the carbs of the chow mein noodles and I don't do croutons or dried fruit because they're high carb and tip the scales the wrong way for me, but I do keep salad bags in the fridge because if they're handy, I'll eat them. Otherwise my fingers are going for the latest batch of cookies!!! EEEK!

    Marzetti puts out a raspberry dressing that's low-carb and delicious. It's one of my go-to faves, and it's in the cooler section of your produce department. It makes me think I'm eating something sweet, and when it's tossed with cole slaw or broccoli slaw, cheese and nuts, it's really good! Thank you for this, you're re-enforced my goal!!!! Eat healthier!!!

    1. Ruthy, I'll have to look for that dressing! I wouldn't think to put a sweet dressing with cheese and nuts (would probably use Ranch). But that does sound good!

  2. We thankfully are in farmer's market season yet again! I buy organic greens from my friends as well as beets but never thought of using the greens. Shame on me.

    These kits give me tons of ideas of what to pick up tomorrow!

    1. Yes, Julie! You can copy the ingredient combinations. :)

  3. First -- brussel sprouts in a salad?! That's wrong on so many levels!!!!! Says the woman who was tortured throughout her whole childhood with boiled to death brussel sprouts for Sunday dinner. Blech!

    Second -- we don't have that kind of salad packaging up here. All we have are a few selections of mixed greens which are very pricey and then you have to add the rest of your ingredients yourself.

    Nothing fresh available in my area yet but I'm going to start some seeds today indoors. So there are greens in my future (organic even).

    Oh -- and a question -- do the ingredients really stay fresh for a week? I've never bought a bag of greens because they are huge and I figured they'd go all wilty before I could eat them up.

    1. Kav, sometimes I'll buy a bag that won't last. But I usually rummage through the bags and find one that looks nice and dry inside. The moisture is what makes them go bad quickly (they get more slimy than wilty--ugh). So for the most part, they do last a week!

      I'm laughing about the Brussels sprouts. :) I used to always have them served boiled at my elementary school and hated them. But a fresh one sliced very thin is nice and crunchy in a salad and tastes a little like cabbage. :)

    2. Sliced thin and added to your stir fry veggies is tasty, too!

  4. I love these pre-made salads! I've seen the Asian one at our stores, and I'll have to look for the others.

    These are so handy to just grab and eat - very little prep. The only other prep required is to open a drawer and grab a fork. :)