Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Winter Comes to North Texas

While much of the United States has been pummeled with storm after winter storm for the past few months, north Texas has steered clear of frozen precipitation. That is, until last week.

First we had sleet, which created an icy mess that kept most area children home from school both Monday and Tuesday. And while the kiddos couldn't really play in it, it was nice to see a little white outside my window. 

Friday, though, we got full blown, fluffy, white snow. I can't tell you how excited this former Michigander was to see those flakes a falling.

Maddie wasn't quite sure what to think at first.

But once she warmed up, she had a grand time.

Naturally, all that cold weather meant cooking lots of warm, hearty meals. 

Things like stew.
You can find that recipe here.

That recipe is here

And the ever-popular, Loaded Baked Potato Soup.
Recipe here.

Of course, I had to whip up a few of these, too.

Cold weather sure makes for some mighty fine eatin'. Keeps the kitchen nice and warm, too.

The good thing about winter weather in Texas, though, is that it doesn't stick around very long. Now before you go thinking that I'm bragging, just remember there's a trade off. Those who get hammered with snow in February, enjoy July temps somewhere in the upper 70's, maybe 80. Meanwhile, Texan's will be baking in temps upward of 100 degrees.

Which would you rather have?


  1. That had to be exciting! And fun, Tex!!!! I love the dog's face, just adorable! Okay, though, our July temps are closer to 90.... and August, too, we get hot summers and frigid winters, which I love.... because I love the change of seasons, the mood it sets. When the seasons are distinct, so are the emotions and it can add depth to stories or families, or timelines. There's something cool, chronological + warm and emotional about stories that straddle more than one season, so I see our crazy, diverse weather that way. A story, waiting to be told. And I love those cold-weather dishes, Mindy! Baked potato soup???? Oh mylanta, Gimme!!!!!! Thank you for these pics, I'm smiling!!!

    1. Ruthy, i do miss the change of seasons. We have them, they just aren't as pronounced. Leaves are already budding on many of our trees and my irises are popping out of the ground. I guess I'll pretty much have to write off any fall color once we move farther south. But I've lived a lot of places and have learned to find the unique beauty in all of them.

      I like what you said, about a story unfolding. You should be a writer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I do love baked potato soup. Especially with those chunks of bacon. Makes it worth the splurge once or twice a year.

  2. We are bouncing back and forth between summer and winter here. 40s today. 70s tomorrow. And the dreaded SN-- word Thursday and Friday.

    I am going to miss the heavier winter food but can't wait for fresh local veggies.

    1. That's been our weather this past week. Today we're in the 60's, then sleet and snow tomorrow night Into Thursday. But that's how we always are. The temp ratchets up, sometimes into the 80's, then plummets the next day. We just call it winter in Texas.

  3. So I envy your mild winter temps but not those hot summer temps. I'd wilt in the heat. Shudder. I love little Maddie's close up too. What a fuzzy faced beauty! But she does look confused which just tips the cuteness factor.

    I need to resurrect one of my chili recipes...and more importantly...bake cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

    1. Kav, I often feel as though I'm wilting in the summer. I don't do heat well, but have learned to live with it. Heaven forbid the air conditioning go out, though. All bets are off then.

      So what do you put in your chili in place of meat? Beans? Please don't say tofu. I might have to shove my fingers in my ears and sing, "La, la,la,la, la" if you do.

    2. LOL -- one recipe uses bulgur and the other uses...drumroll please...tvp. Texturized Vegetable Protein which (plug your ears) is dehydrated soybean protect...so in essence, tofu. Bwahahahahaha!

    3. ๐Ÿ˜ La, la, la, la, la,la, la......

  4. I've lived in Texas, which means I know the summer heat you're talking about. Temperatures are only numbers and don't translate well. 100° in South Dakota is a lot different from 100° in Texas! Texas is so far south the sun penetrates. There's no escaping it. Here, on the other hand, shade and a breeze makes 100° bearable...for a day or so.

    What I can't do is humidity. I die. I hole up in the basement and wait for more reasonable weather.

    But since we're both native Michiganders, we're used to lake effect snow and cold temps in the winter - much like Ruthy gets, right? Deep, fluffy snow :)

    I'm so glad you got some of the white stuff! Enjoy your cold weather food!

    1. You hit the nail on the head, Jan. It's that humidity that gets you. For us, that'll only get worse when we move closer to the coast. Sometimes when we go to the ranch, the humidity just smacks us in the face when we step out of the car.

      However, there's always a silver lining. Body lotion is no longer necessary. ;)

      Basements are wonderful in hot weather. That's where I used to play when I was a kid.of course, I had to play in the basement in the winter, too. That is, when I was sledding or building a snow fort with my friends. :)

  5. Those are the perfect dishes for this crazy Ft. Worth weather. Tonight I made chicken soup and cornbread and wondering how bad it will really be tomorrow.

    1. Good to know I'm not the only one planning ahead, Nikki. We grilled tonight, but tomorrow is an oven dinner. Roast sounds good. So does chicken soup, though. And I just happen to have all the ingredients. Be safe tomorrow and Thursday. Looks like it's going to be icy.

  6. I just realized I missed your post!! Now you got me craving soups and chili! :)

    Enjoyed the photos. You got about as much as we did last week. Our kids are always happy to see the white stuff!