Friday, March 20, 2015

Easy Cinnamon Rolls!

Missy Tippens, The Belle, here. Sharing simple cinnamon rolls that even I could make! :)

Okay, here's where I admit that though I'm never too worried about being the perfect hostess,  on occasion I do worry a little about keeping up with the Jones's. Especially when my daughter comes home from sleepovers talking about what her friends' moms have cooked for breakfast, and how GOOD it was. So, yes, I get a little…convicted competitive inspired.


So, when my daughter invited her friends over for an after-Christmas party and sleepover, I made up my mind to cook homemade cinnamon rolls. And of course, for me, that meant finding a really easy recipe. Using store-bought dough! I found it in the freezer section. It came in a bag with three loaves. I thawed it out by putting the bag in the refrigerator the day before.

Easy Mini-Cinnamon Rolls

Frozen bread dough--3 loaves
butter, melted

Powdered sugar
strongly brewed coffee
maple syrup (optional)

Roll out each of the balls of thawed dough on a floured surface. This dough was so elastic I had to wrestle it all around the kitchen! It wore me out. Literally had shoulder and neck and hand pain by the time I finished. Every time I'd get it to spread a little, it would draw back up. Thus, the very small rectangle and tiny rolls! :) (If anyone knows what to do about dough that's too tight, please let me know! I envisioned throwing it up like a pizza maker but didn't actually try that.) :)

Anyway, get each of your dough balls rolled out into a rectangle. Spread on melted butter. Then sprinkle it with sugar and cinnamon.

Then roll the dough, starting with the long side.

Slice the roll. (Since my roll was so skinny, I sliced the rolls about an inch wide.) Then place each roll into a greased pan, touching. (You can see it in the background of the photos above.)

Bake 375 degrees for about 12-15 minutes. You may want to start checking earlier if they're as tiny as mine!

While baking, make the icing.

I always make icing by trial and error. I started with about a half a box of powdered sugar. Then added a little coffee and syrup until the consistency was good.

Remove rolls from the oven and drizzle with the icing. I always eat them warm! Enjoy! I'm sorry I don't have a photo to share. I was busy rounding up the sleeping gals.

By the way, my daughter was shocked impressed when I woke them telling them I'd made homemade cinnamon rolls. (Semi-homemade, but who's going to tell on me???)  HA! :)

And another big BY THE WAY!

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  1. Missy, I've done this often! Grabbing frozen dough and making cinnamon rolls, but I've never added coffee to the icing and I love, love, love (addicted, much?) that idea! Thank you for this!

    1. Ruthy, did you have trouble rolling it out? I felt like I needed four hands!

  2. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! I love quick, simple ways of making old favorites.

    I'll forego the coffee in the frosting, though. :) Maybe caramel flavoring, though....

    1. Jan, that would be good too! I was just playing around with coffee so might try other things. :)

  3. Happy book birthday and those look delicious!