Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year, Everyone!!!!

Oh, who can believe this????

Another new year and we're all here????????

Yay for us!

First, let me say what a pleasure it is to hang with these sweet ladies and youse at the cafe! It's so much fun to share Erma Bombeck wisdoms, great recipes, Kitchen: FAIL!!!, sweet successes and moments like this:

Which have now changed to moments like this:

And this!

And this!
Morgan Delaney Blodgett, welcome to the planet! You're stinkin' cute!!!

We've got grandkids with us these next few days... and sweet daycare/wrap-around care kids... and baby coming home, loved ones flying out, a New Year rung in with joy!

As I hear Morgan's big brother and sister starting to stir upstairs, I want to take the time to tell you how wonderful this is. Being here, being with all of you, recipe or no recipe.

My favorite Erma Bombeck quote is one I have on a plaque in my kitchen:

"When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope I don't have a single bit of talent left and could say, "I used everything you gave me." 

And from Mother Teresa:  "Peace begins with a smile."

And from a young mother, imprisoned for doing the unthinkable, who wrote to Erma Bombeck from prison:  "If only I'd learned to laugh at all this, maybe my children would be alive today."

Laughter is good! Laughter is healing. Laughter is the upside of mixed emotions, the jam on our bread.

Life, love and motherhood aren't easy roads, but faith, hope and laughter make it so much better!

This is our youngest with Elijah... At 6'3" and 200 lbs., we're not sure where Luke came from, but we like him! Every family needs a Bumble! :)  Luke can put the angel on the tree WITHOUT A CHAIR. Reason enough to keep him, right there!
Turn off the wretched news and turn on the smiles.

Annie... How stinkin' cute is that???
My One Word for 2015 is discernment... It is a word I need in all areas of my life, so my focus this year will be on that!

I'll mess up. Pshaw, that's a given! But I'll try hard and that's not a bad thing to promise, now is it???

God bless you on this beautiful New Year's Day! To you...



  1. Happy NEW BABY!!! So exciting! So, is Morgan Delaney a boy or a girl? I love gender-neutral names... but my husband does not so all our children have very obviously male or female names. But I like to give my characters interesting names. :)

  2. Morgan is a girl! And you're right, it can be confusing... And she's adorable!!! Oh my stars, I got my new baby fix last night. Happy Grammy!

    Jan, thank you! How's the snow up there? Over there? (stares out window...) Yes, over there! :)

    It's cold here, light snow, then rain this weekend. MUD IS NOT FUN IN WINTER. July mud is fun. January mud is the opposite of fun.

    Bless you ladies! Morgan comes home today, I have today off so I'm tackling this book and then tackling it again!



  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR! I started mine off right - with some exercise followed by my devotional here at work

    now work is here...


    1. Susanna, go you!!!! We'll start the new year as we should... God gave us one body to take care of. You'd think we'd get it right after awhile, right??? Happy New Year!!!

  4. Happy New Year, Ruthy! There is nothing sweeter than a baby girl. I remember when ours smiled at her daddy at about 10 minutes old. She stole his heart as I watched, and she still has it! Ruthy, you are such an encouragement to others! May we all be blessed with wisdom and discernment in 2015. And may we smile until our faces hurt!

    1. Kathy, I'm so glad you stopped in!!! Welcome! And isn't that the truth about baby's stealing hearts???? Oh my stars, they are such little miracles of wonderment! Happy New Year and YES ON THE SMILES!!! And the discernment! Always something I can improve on, Kath!

  5. Happy New Year. May your year be filled with wonderful memories.

    1. Mary, thank you! Back at you, and may we enjoy getting to know people nearby and those far away. I love that this crazy Internet allows us to meet and know people ALL OVER!!! How blessed are we???

  6. What a blessed baby to find herself in your family tree!!!! Thanks for all this New Year enthusiasm! You make me smile.

    1. Kav, you make me smile, too! Go stand on your roof and look south. I'll stand on mine and look north. We can WAVE!!!!! ;)

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    1. The days are filled with this, that and the other thing, aren't they, Teeenster????