Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Round One and Revisiting Oreo Truffles

Merry Christmas, y'all!

Don't you like a my half-dead plants. Can you believe it, two plants that started out whole and beautiful a few weeks ago have wilted and died on one side. I don't get it. I watered them, saw to it they had plenty of light... But the good news is that the rosemary plant is growing new shoots on the part that is alive, meaning I should have fresh rosemary for months to come.

The Obenhaus' home got things rolling this weekend. Since my SIL has to work on Christmas, my oldest daughter and her family traveled over the Red River and through the Arbuckle Mountains to Grammy's house and we all gathered Sunday for Christmas part one.
If you look really hard, you can see my granddaughter whining in the chair to the left. 
My oldest and youngest grandchildren, enjoying Big Daddy's train.
Our dogs and all the grandpups were happy to celebrate, too. 
Needless to say, there is always plenty of chaos.

There's also lots of food and time to catch up with each other.

And lest we forget the goofiness.

Elijah loves dancing Santa.

And opening presents.

But all that fun can wear a little guy out.

And remember these?
Well, at the insistence of my youngest son, I gave those Oreo truffles another go. As many of you suggested, I froze them this time and not only did they retain their shape, they were so much easier to dip.

Much better than last week's presentation.
And since I was dipping, I had to go ahead and do some dipped pretzels, too.
You can see how I did that here.

I love it when all the kids are home. With everyone's busy lives, it's an occasion that is all-too-rare and one that is definitely celebrated when we finally do come together.

So from my family to yours, may your Christmas be filled with love, the blessing of family and the joy of our Lord and Savior Jesus.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


  1. What a great Christmas! And that's only round one? A great week :)

    We tried the Oreo truffles over the weekend, and they were a success, just like your second try. Freezing the truffles before dipping them really does make a difference.

    Merry Christmas, Mindy!

    1. Aren't they delicious, Jan?

      Yes, we only exchanged gifts with my oldests daughter's family. Everyone else has to wait til Christmas.

      Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. Let's hear it for do overs, multiple rounds of Christmas joy, and families who love our recipes! Blessed Christmas, Mindy!

  3. Ah, the joys of endless Christmases! Anyone surprised that my favourite picture is all the dogs at the door? Love that they are included in the festivities. And am wondering who they are waiting to greet at the door? Santa maybe? Merry Christmas, Mindy. Can't believe it's only two days away.

    1. I know! This Christmas seems to have barreled in on the fastest train ever.

      As for the dogs, Kav, no, I wasn't surprised you liked that pic best. And the grandboys were on the other side of the door. The doggies just couldn't wait to get to them. ;)


    And it was really nice, too! The comment, not Blogger!

  5. I heard a newscaster say that "Christmas and Thanksgiving aren't on their traditional days in our house, anymore. They're whenever the family can come together."

    And that's true here, too! Mindy, I love this!!!! And look how pretty those Oreo balls came out! Yay, you! I missed stopping in yesterday, it's busy here but fun, too and we have a grandbaby due any time so I sleep with the phone next to my bed... and I had to actually CLEAN the upstairs rooms because the boys are coming home from New York City!!!!! That's the best present of all, seeing those kids I don't see all the time. I miss them like crazy. So glad youse all got together. Your family is beautiful!

    1. Oh, maybe it'll be a Christmas baby. I'm with you, Ruthy, I love it when the kids are all here. Chaos and all.

  6. God is teaching me to flexible. So much to do still, but spent the afternoon/evening at the hospital with my mom. The assisted living rushed her there after finding her slumped over and non-responsive. Aside from a nasty cold, she seems to be doing fine now, though they're keeping her at the hospital. Her color is good, as are her spirits. All tests look fine. Could possibly be a narrowing of the corroded artery, but will know more tomorrow.

    Oh, and hubby got to spend time at the doctor with a sick child. Strep. Definitely no sharing allowed on that one.

    Nonetheless, Christmas will happen whether the gifts are wrapped or not. Whether the meal is prepared or not. So long as we're together (at least some of us anyway), Christmas will be wonderful.

  7. They look wonderful and I have been CRAVING chocolate dipped pretzels!!

  8. Adding your mom to my prayer list.

  9. Mindy, I somehow missed this post!! What fun photos!! I'm so glad to finally see a photo of all your kids together. :)

    1. I love it when they're all home, Missy. They're a pretty good bunch. :)