Thursday, October 16, 2014

Oreo-Stuffed Brownies: HUMONGOUS HIT!!!!

I don't know how to even explain how happy the kids were with this new favorite. I saw the idea wandering infamous FACEBOOK!!!! and glommed onto it because if I can bribe children into liking me, their parents pay me.


Food is a worthy bribe in the world of children. I'm not afraid to use whatever means I have at my disposal to win hearts and coerce cooperation, therefore:


But first, here's a little commercial message from the land of BEAUTIFUL SEEKER BOXED SETS OF CHRISTMAS NOVELLAS ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER ON AMAZON!!!!!

Hallelujah chorus being sung here!!!!!!

Okay, back to brownies, and links to the boxed sets will be below....


Large brownie mix prepared as directed

Peanut butter
foil cupcake liners  (I used the "Jumbo size" but regular work, too! Paper sticks to the brownie bottom, so I prefer the foil for these)


Take two Oreos. Spread a teaspoon of peanut butter on one. Top with another. Add another teaspoon of peanut butter. Place in foil cup in cupcake baking pan. Repeat until your cupcake pan is full.....  spoon brownie batter over the cookies. Allow to settle for a minute. Add more as needed.

Bake at 350° for about 18-20 minutes until brownie is done....

Remove from oven, allow to cool slightly because once people try them warm, they will LOVE YOU FOREVER.

Which takes us right back to the coercion detail. Chocolate corrupts... or convinces. Your pick!  :)

This is the cross-section: OH MY STARS, CAN YOU SAY DELICIOUS????? What a great idea!!!

We ate these too quickly to examine the whys and wherefores of frosting, but I expect either a dark chocolate frosting or a peanut butter buttercream frosting would be marvelous!!!!

These were a huge hit. Today I'm trying them with DOUBLE STUFFED Oreos, because everything is better when it's double-stuffed!!!!  :)

Oh, oh, oh, we've got some cuteness to share, too! Cuteness and novella collections, coming up!

Here's the contemporary collection that has just been so much fun to work on with these ladies!!!!

Pre-order is here.... and this is the sweet cover!

And here is the historical collection for pre-order!!!

And I have to just say I love being able to dabble in sweet historicals from time to time because they're so much fun! Things were so very different then!

And here's some on the farm sweetness!

This is Emma, Dave and Anna visiting a farm on their side of town!!!  Emma is our resident storyteller and it's so funny to hear her make up stories... With some of her grammy's expressions! It's a hoot, honestly!

And Flat Stanley came to help on the farm, courtesy of NC grandson Nathan:

 Stanley climbed a tree, much like any boy or girl around here, even the non-flat varieties...

He helped feed the chickens and they were quite curious about him!

And he was a great help in the pumpkin patch!  :)  Oh, Stanley, we're so glad you came to visit!

And then there's this:

Good morning, princesses!!!  And this one is a tomboy princess:
She's got her babies to take care of, and isn't that just the way of it?

So that's how we're rollin' in upstate this week! Cute kids, paper doll fun, farm stuff, sweet books and chocolate!

I've gotta call that a good week, all around!


  1. I'm hungry...but I'm easier to please- I'll take my brownies plain or with nuts and a bag of Oreos on the side...and some nutter butters and I'm good to go - less work LOL! not as cool looking but you're turning those kids into hard to please ha ha!

  2. Hahah! Susanna, you're probably right, but they're so stinkin' cute that I'm teaching them to think outside the traditional brownie mix/recipe!

    Honestly, this was no work... and so much fun. And think of the people you'll impress when you take these to a party.... Maybe CUTE GUYS!!!! :)

    It all comes back to the heroes, right???

  3. I wonder if a guy would even notice the inside..probably eat in one bite!

    1. Honey, he'd be too busy noticing your beautiful eyes! And the fact that you MADE THE COOKIE-STUFFED BROWNIES!!! :) The crunch inside is amazing. I'm going to do a mint version and use a little mint on top instead of peanut butter.

      How could that possibly be bad, right????

    2. LOL I think noticing the beautiful eyes only happens in romance books!

  4. Flat Stanley AND incredible stuffed brownies? Such fun!

    1. Um,yeah-uh! How could life get better than that??? I submit that it cannot!

  5. I've seen this recipe online too and am seriously going to try it now. Love the kid pics to pieces; And flat Stanley is so cute, like a traveling gnome. This stuffed brownie will both convince and corrupt I've no doubt. Can't wait for the book collections to come out.
    I think I remember you are visiting with the kids this weekend, have a great time Ruthy!

    1. Tracey, good memory! I've got a couple of friends here feeding animals and making fires if needed..... and ol' Dave and I are heading to play with my NC grandkids, Katie, Nathan and Annie... Stinkin' cute. And Annie LOVES TO TALK AND BOSS PEOPLE. She's 2 years old... :) I think I know where she gets it from!

      Stinkin' cute!

  6. Ruthy forgot to mention that these treats are illegal in 30 states. Check the FBI website to be sure you can really eat them...legally.

    1. Haha Tina, you are probably right and if not they most likely should be as good as they look!

    2. LOL!! Tina, I saw your comment after I wrote mine. :)

  7. My Christmas reading is all sewn up, thanks to the Seekers :)

    AND I have a great project for my Sunday School munchkins to make for the church fellowship time some Sunday. Win/win!!!

    But, on a serious note: Ruthy, you're going to have to talk your NC kids into moving back to upstate. How can you stand to go for more than a week without seeing those cuties???? And what's better than Grandparent and cousin time when children are growing???? Sit those adult kids down and give them a talking-to! :)

  8. Hmm...having trouble making posts...hopefully they show up soon...

  9. I, since that one worked I will try my previous 2 comments once again, hopefully w/o them popping up later to make duplicates. LOL)
    Fun, fun, fun making these and yum, yum, yum eating them! Mmm
    Wonder if I could get away making these in the hotel microwave? Umm...never mind--probably not a good idea, since there's only the two of us to eat them...

  10. Oh. My. Gosh. Ruthy, these must be sinful. Anything with all those ingredients has to be!!

    I can't wait to show this recipe to my girl child!! Thanks for sharing. And for the cute kid photos!

  11. Late to this party, too. Too much writing, not enough anything else.

    I remember Flat Stanley. Both boys had to mail him to someone, get pix then do a report. They loved it.

    Now, about these brownies. Oh. My. Word. Not trim, not healthy, but worthy of a couple bumps and bruises from falling off the wagon. Better make sure I have other people to help eat them, though. Otherwise I will eat them all and that leave me battered. Ha! Pun intended.

    And hooray for the Seeker box sets. Folks are gonna eat those up. I'm so proud of y'all.