Thursday, March 27, 2014

Quick Ice Cream Cake!

We love ice cream cake here. It's one of those often-requested desserts and they're so easy to make... and so stinkin' expensive to buy!

Today's is an easy peasy one that seriously, I could sit down and EAT THE WHOLE THING, it was that good, and the possibilities are endless!

The trick with this one is BUTTER.....

You add butter to coarsely chopped cookies and it's a huge, ginormous, humongous difference!!!

So here's the basic for an 8" square cake:

2 Sleeves of Oreo cookies (or two rows if you buy the normal family-sized package... Also, you can use chocolate chip cookies instead, maybe any crisp cookie would work??? I've tried the Oreos and the Chocolate chip with amazingly wonderful splendorific results.  Am I waxing superfluous?????  :)  There's a reason for it, I promise!!!!

3/4 cup butter, melted

Break up cookies, do not pulverize or over-crush, you want these bad boys chunky/crunchy
Mix with butter.

Line 8" square pan with freezer paper or aluminum foil.

Spread half of the cookie mix into the pan.

Top with 2/3 of a carton of your favorite ice cream. (I used cookies and cream today, but I've used dark chocolate mint (then the whole thing tastes like a Thin Mint sundae), vanilla, cookie dough, caramel swirl... as you wish!)  Then add in the other half of the buttery cookie goodness. Press down lightly. Freeze.

About an hour later, spread 1/2 jar of hot fudge topping over cake.  You can either whip cream then and cover it or use aerosol whipped cream on individual servings. (We did that because it was Elijah's birthday and he's not big on whipped cream.

He does not get that from me!!!!!)  DONE. DONE. DONE.   You could go a layer higher for adults, but for the kids this was the perfect size, about 2-3 inches high, a perfect serving!!!

This is so beyond amazingly delicious as to render me speechless.


Clearly not SPEECHLESS, but oh my stars, I really could have eaten the whole stupid thing. And asked for more after I licked the freezer paper clean.

To Serve:  I put the whole thing in the microwave on defrost for two minutes, (not full power, please pay attention to this very important direction or you're going to be so stinkin' mad at me!!!) then lifted the freezer paper and slid the cake onto a large plate. Cutting was easy with a serrated knife and the kids loved it!

And speaking of kids, here are our current projects..... M&M math (and yes, you get to eat the answers, making this a very popular BRIBING lesson!!!!)

And we've finished our OCEAN unit and we're talking about God now....

And life and death and how Jesus loved us so very much....

This is our new wall poster in the beginning stages:

An empty tomb....  As if rock could hold back our God!!!!  


We'll "frame" our rock tomb and then we're going to decorate it with signs of spring! Butterflies, chicks, new life, re-birth and a cross....

And this has replaced every other Disney movie in my head because it is the NEW AND BEST FAVORITE!!!!!

Love, love, love, love!!!!!!!

And here is a link to the song that every one of my little ones SINGS ALL THE TIME....

And this is my nod to how much fun I had writing "His Montana Sweetheart" part of the Big Sky Centennial continuity for Love Inspired!!!!  I had so much fun writing about ranching and studying... cowboys, that is, studying COWBOYS!!!!!!.... that I think I might come up with a cowboy series....

I mean seriously, can you think of anything more Americana than cowboys???? Unless it's cowboys and BABIES!!!!!  :)


I am smitten!!!!

One Quick Sales Promo.....


 FREE!!!!!! FREE!!!!!! FREE!!!!!! FREE!!!!!! FREE!!!!!!



  1. I had a subscription to American Cowboy and let it slip. Must renew.

    Okay, this cake idea is great. They cost like 30 bucks at Baskin Robbins. Great idea!!

  2. Tina, crazy pricey, right????? And I love American Cowboy.... and "The Last American Cowboy" on Netflix. You tipped me off on that, and it made writing a solid ranching novel so much easier to have that visual!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

  3. There's a magazine dedicated to cowboys? Thud!!!!

    I think you are a hearty lot down there in New York to be eating ice cream cake in this weather!!!! But it looks yummy. And easy. And calorie free, right? Since you were celebrating a birthday and all.

    I want to come and join your daycare. Please? I'll be super good and I'm already potty trained!!!!! :-)

    Can't wait to read your interpretation of a cowboy.

    1. Oh, my cowboys are seriously yum factor of exponential coolness. :) One of my favorite things about going to Fort Worth with a bunch of the gals several years ago were the COWBOYS!!!! And they were all ages, all ethnicities, a real fun mix of true western cowboy. LOVED IT!!!!

    2. Kav, there are several magazines dedicated to cowboys! A whole shelf in our Walmart's magazine section :)

    3. A whole shelf?! Thud! Thud! My Walmart does not carry the same merchandise yours does. :-0

  4. YUM!! I love this. Buying those cakes is so expensive!

    Love the school photos, Ruthy! How cute. I know the kids must love being at your house. I bet they don't even realize they're learning. :)

    1. Missy, I could have gone fancy for the top, but the three-year-olds don't care. When we do Elijah's party with his buddies, then I'll decorate the top with buttercream icing, but this crew (and the moms!!!) were so happy with this!

  5. I'm afraid with just me I'd eat that whole cake! sigh..I know I would. willpower left me about the time I started college and only showed up for occasional visits - now we're estranged...

    1. Susanna, you've divorced your willpower, LOL!!!! Oh, we understand that!


      In that case it's better to not cook, to buy normal portions out of the house, and don't keep too much on hand. Really, truly, that's probably a smart thing to do.

      That doesn't mean I'd DO it, but I can see the smartness of it, LOL!

  6. Cowboys! You all have to come visit out here in the west. Seriously.

    We stopped by the ranch supply store on Sunday (youngest boy had to exchange a shirt - the one he bought didn't fit over his cowboy-like muscled chest), and a young man - about 15 years old - walked in. Young cowboy all the way, from his Sunday hat (you know, the clean one) to his western shirt, pressed jeans and spit-polished boots. And then his dad walked in. About 40 years old, matching outfit to his son...but add about 25 years of experience. A lifetime of squinting against the sun, facing death and life, roping calves, branding, riding horses hour after hour, day after day....Oh yes. He was the real thing.

    There's something about these men. They're molded by their work and the land. They walk with a confidence you don't see anywhere else.

    They take my breath away.

    Okay, I'm back....

    The cake looks fabulous. I'd have to make it when there are a dozen people around to eat it all up. I couldn't be trusted with the leftovers!

  7. Oh, yummy! We always have ice cream cakes for every birthday. I usually make them but every now and then a relative will go to Dairy Queen and pick one up. I've SEEN THAT LITTLE STICKER ON THE CONTAINER. Holy smokes... seriously? $30 or more for a cake?
    Then again, when my daughter was baptized about ten years ago, the godparents bought a tres leches cake that fed 40. Price tag? $150! I almost passed out. But they felt it was a must-have an who was I to argue. (Quietly faint, yes.)
    P.S. My favorite part of that cake was what was written on the top in giant letters:
    If that doesn't just describe our whole family, I don't know what does. :D
    Oh, and P.P.S.
    You can come hang out in Orygun if you need some cowboys. You'll pick up lots of good slang and sayings for your books. Boots are **** kickers, not squattin' with your spurs on, don't drive black cattle in the dark, and my favorite.... never come up on a bull from the front, a horse from the back, and a fool from any which way...
    I'm sort of "meh" about cowboys. The glamour is gone for me. Had the back my chair kicked too many times by too-tall cowboy kids in class who thought the girl who just moved from France was WEIRD.

    1. LOL, Virginia! I'm sure you scared those cowboy kids. to. death.

      And how do you react when you're scared and you're wearing cowboy boots? Kick something!

  8. I want to join Ruthy's daycare too! and take naps on that couch! and watch Frozen and eat cookies and watch the snow and pet Libby and Jeter...