Thursday, January 23, 2014

Slush Icies!!!

This one is EASY PEASY.

Take one old can of lemonade mix that's gotten hard and think: What can I do with this????

Add water. Allow some of the hardened mix to dissolve.  :)

(Now for those of you who don't have things like hardened pink lemonade mix in the cupboard, a quart of juice will do.  If I use orange juice, I add a little less water, like a can less to the frozen can, and that gives your slush less of a "watery" taste. But regular juice is fine, too!

I used my big ol' retro yellow Pyrex bowl and half-filled it with juice... then put it in the freezer. I stirred it up twice, about every thirty minutes or so, until is was "slushy"....

And then!!!!! Oh, THEN!!!!:

I let the little ones pick their fruit. We had cantelope, too.... It got zero votes. And apples got zero votes, so we went with frozen berries and green seedless grapes.

We put a name on each "cup" and they had to find their own name....

And then we put a scoop of "slush" into the cup, gave them a spoon, and let them stir their fruit into their "slush".

And then back in the freezer for just a few minutes to "meld".....

And this is what I had when all was said and done!

Such a fun, happy, easy bit of science for my little friends!  And they loved their Fruity-slush-icies! Even though it was January!

Nothing like havin' me some fun with the babies in my life!


  1. Your little charges are so cute and happy! They are having a great time, because you are awesome, Ruthy! Look at all of those cups! You rock!

    1. How blessed am I to have the world's TWO BEST JOBS????? :)

      We have fun, for certain!

  2. Great idea...for a hot summer day!!!! I can't believe you did that in January. I don't even thaw out when I get to work...I have frost and snow on the inside of the sliding doors from the courtyard to the library. Brrrrrr. No slushies for me until the spring at the earliest. You must be a hardy lot down there in New York. :-)

    1. Blogger kept kicking me out yesterday. Don't know what's up with that, I paid my blogger bill!!!!!!

      Kav, I know, it's crazy, but the kitchen's warm and these guys don't care a whit. They just love having fun around that scarred up kitchen table!!!!

  3. What a great snack! And so easy. I love how the littles could mix and match to make their own :)

    And I have one of those retro yellow Pyrex bowls, too. In fact, I have the set (absconded from my parent's house when they downsized!). I keep mine on top of the cupboards as a display - but I'm not above using it when I need a big bowl!

    1. Jan, I see these bowls in co-ops and antique stores for retro kitchens. Oh my stars, does that mean we're OLD???? Of course not!

      They were/are awesome bowls. And I love that we're giving them a second time around!

  4. we're supposed to have real slushies tonight :-( sleet...
    not looking forward to it - have an appt tomorrow and hope it's clear by then
    I get 100 plus summers ain't supposed to put up with this too!

    1. Susanna, I saw your forecast! Stay safe and cozy-comfy if you can. I'm convinced the storms in life make us stronger.... the hundred-plus degrees in summer????? I'm far too wimpy and that's why I'll stay north forever. And besides that, I have that silly "in a New York minute" Billy Joel mindset where everything needs to be done quickly or I kill people.

      IT'S NOT PRETTY, SUSANNA!!!!! I'd probably be locked up if I moved south and then no one would come visit me and I'd be lonely.

      End of saga. :)

  5. Sorry to be AWOL lately! I've been out of town. Just got back this evening.

    Ruthy, I LOVE photos of the kids. Such cuties! And what really cracks me up (or I guess I should say impresses me) is that your laptop is always right there beside the kids in the photo! :) I love how efficient you are. You probably wrote a chapter while they ate. :)

    1. The ever-present lap top!!!! :)

      I can check e-mail and facebook while they're working or eating.... and I get to post them to facebook for Mom and Dad to see what we're working on. I love that!!!!

      I got my smart phone so that I wouldn't have to take a pic, load to page, and wait.....

      Well my smart phone cannot get bars in this old house (160 years old) and there's no way it will send pics even from the porch. You have to CROSS THE YARD and get close to the chicken coop to send a picture to facebook. So my pricey (and soon to be replaced!) phone got me no advantages. :( Because I still have to take the pic, go to computer, and load and send.

      But I love my old house, so the phone will go back to a more standard variety and the laptop stays handy.

      Just so youse know, I do move the laptop to the top of the flour bin when we've got drinks on the table.


      The flour bin is so much safer, of course.

      (laughing at my own foolishness!!!)

    2. Hey, after the $800 repair after my son's juice spill, I think the top of the flour bin is genius!

  6. Hmm, I stopped by here yesterday, but I guess I forgot to comment.

    Ruthy, these look absolutely yummy. However, slushies in winter? Seriously? I'm shivering just thinking about it.