Thursday, November 28, 2013


No recipes today, we're all busy traveling.... visiting.... eating!!!!

From all of us at Yankee Belle Cafe, we want to wish you and yours a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

May God bless  you with health, warmth and happiness as you enjoy a beautiful time of sharing and gratitude!

I was inspired by Julie Hilton Steele's "remembrance" table on Facebook... and so I copied her!!! What a wonderful idea for November, the month of All Saints and All Souls and Veterans Day. Perfect time to think back... mull... be grateful.

I don't have all the great-grandparents yet, but I'll dig them out of the office for next year, God willing! There are pics of my parents, "Bud" and Mary Herne... and Dave's parents "Sonny" and Theresa Blodgett.  In the tiny frame are Dad and Mom Blodgett cutting the anniversary cake I made for them. And the bell was my mother's, it's the bell I take bell-ringing for the Salvation army.

This is the perfect time to think about the good of someone's life, to shovel off the bad, push it aside, and focus on the strengths God has given us. Good, bad or ugly, life goes on, a precious gift.

Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. Happy Thanksgiving y'all! Enjoy the feast of food and family!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! don't remember the remembrance table but that's an awesome idea..right now I'm struggling with NOT having a 'remembrance house' sooo much stuff I'm attaching sentimental feelings to..sigh...

    I'm at work but they're bringing out food and luckily not too busy here (at least so far!) so I'm planning to look at family on facebook, read more of the, um, Christmas story I started(Love Finds You in Frost, Minnesota) yes I'll get tot he new Love Finds You next Ruthy this one I just bought when Isaw Judy Baer's name (she's usuallykinda light with a silly heroine with fuzzy slippers...) and since I just bought it it's right there on my ereader- yours I gotta hunt for since I pre-ordered then waited to be closer to the holiday...sigh...complicated LOL! But I'm wanting to re-read some other stuff including Yuletide Hearts... so I HOPE work stays slow!! hee hee

  3. Amen, Ruthy! Hope everyone had a wonderful, blessed day.