Friday, August 9, 2013

Scratch and Dent Sales

Missy, here. After a week of vacation at the beach, plus turning around and leaving early the following morning for my son's college orientation, I haven't done any cooking (other than spaghetti) in a while! So I thought I'd share about a great deal I got.

It was at Bealls Outlet (kind of like T.J. Maxx or Marshall's). They have name brand items that are discounted. And the longer they're in the store, the more they get discounted (by using a colored dot system).

Well, I found a fantastic Calphalon 12-inch fry pan for a great deal!

The original retail price was around $75. The official Calphalon website typically sells it for $50 but is now selling it for the sale price of $40.

I bought mine on the back clearance wall at Bealls. It was apparently marked down because it had a dent in the metal rim of the lid...

So the lid didn't really fit well.

But I saw the POTENTIAL. I bought it for $20. Took it home. And attacked it with a pair of pliers. :)

And TADA! The lid fits well enough to use just fine.

Have I said before how much I LOVE a good deal. At the RWA conference, Mary Connealy was teasing me because I was so proudly telling everyone what a deal I had gotten on my RITA dress. :)

The next deal I want to find is a new Crock Pot. My setting dial broke off, so I'm having to use a pair of pliers to adjust the temp. I like to buy new (rather than at a yard sale) for something that has to stay plugged in all day, sometimes while I'm away. I wonder if Edna has any young cousins???

Will head to Bealls and T. J. Maxx soon. I'll have to let you know if I find any great deals!

What's the best bargain you've ever gotten?


  1. Oh, don't you just love a bargain? Probably the best one I think of in recent history is a the tie my youngest son got for my daughter's wedding. List price was $35, but the sign said they were on sale for $16.99. Still more than I care to pay for a skinny piece of fabric, but I was also tired of shopping.

    So we go to the checkout counter and it rings up at $35. I mentioned the sign. One clerk converses with another, somebody has to go check something... In the end, we got the tie for $4. They were about to mark it for clearance, so they did just that. My son and I were both shocked. Now that's my kind of price. :)

    1. I love it, Mindy!

      My dad asked for cloth handkerchiefs a couple of Christmases ago. I went to Bealls. They had a clearance rack, and by the time they added in all the discounts, the package rang up for like 75 cents!! LOL I got such a kick out of it that I made sure to tell my dad. Of course, I also bought him another gift since the first one was practically free. :)

  2. Bargain hunting is almost a sport, isn't it, Missy? We don't have Bealls or T.J. Maxx around here. We're getting a Target store soon though. :-)

    I haven't been shopping in ages but I think my last bargain shop was getting my dining room table at IKEA. This was over ten years ago. I'd never owned a dining room table and wanted one desperately. Imagine my euphoria when I found my table in the scratch and dent section -- a $350 table for $40!!! It was stretching my budget at the time but I couldn't resist. And then -- bonus...a few days later I found 4 chairs at a garage sale that matched the table for $10 for the set. I felt like a princess every time I sat down to eat at my honest to goodness table.

    1. Kav, that deal would thrill me as well! Nice work.

  3. There's nothing like a good bargain.

    Of course, my favorite price is free :) but anything less than retail is fun.

    Our neighborhood is having a rummage this weekend (that's what they call it here - I'd call it a neighborhood garage sale!) and we have a few things to put out in the driveway tomorrow. Someone's going to get a bargain, because my dear husband is ready to give the stuff away for free! We just want it out of the garage so we have room to move.

    (That's what happens when six adults live in a four bedroom house with no storage...things get crammed in the garage.)

    But my best bargain ever was my Kitchenaid mixer (now my daughter's). It was the display model at Walmart, and I happened to walk by as they were dismantling the display - they had that puppy marked down to $40.00. I grabbed it.

    My favorite bargain story is similar to Kav's. I was looking for a table for my new apartment when I graduated from college. I found the perfect little oak table in a garage sale for $10.00 and thought I had a bargain...and then the guy said, "There are four chairs that go with this...they're down in the basement." Yup, all for $10. When I have a office, I use that little table for my desk. I still love it, 33 years later :)

    1. Wow, a $40 Kitchenaid! That's amazing, Jan. That, and the table and chairs.

      One of my favorite stores is Nordstrom Rack. I got all my formal conference dresses and shoes there this year. Some great deals!

  4. LOVE Nordstrom Rack. I get my dresses there too.

    Best bargain? Today! I got a Charming Charlie burgundy top that I have been stalking all summer. It was down to $9.99 clearance, 50% off that, AND I had my CC Reward bucks. Total cost? 33 cents!!!!

    Great job on the bargains.

    Peace, Julie

    1. LOLOL, Julie!!! You win the prize for the day. It's a wonder they didn't end up paying YOU to walk out with it. :)