Saturday, August 31, 2013

Labor Day Transition

The GAL here.  I am going to keep it short and sweet this weekend. It's a holiday and all. Plus stories by Mindy, Tina, and Ruth are downloaded on my Kindle. It isn't just a great holiday for reading.  I love because it screams things like:

"Back to School!"  

My grandkidlets started preschool. My granddaughter attended her first ever class. They must really work em in the two year old class. She was a zombie, a cute little zombie when I picked her up. I'd show you a picture of the "after" but it's too scary. 

"Fall Fashion"

My white jeans and Hawaiian tops are packed away. My new dark wash jeans and long sleeved tops are in the closet. Still can't wear them because it is 90 degrees but, it's official, I can dream now. You still aren't over the fact I wear Hawaiian shirts, are you?

"No more zucchini or tomatoes but the pumpkins are coming in."

Didn't expect that one, did you? It has been a rough summer here. Too much water. Too cool for too long. The Farmer's Market was sad. But they are eeking things out. DJ's farm down the road has a field filled with the promise of great pumpkins. You can already see them from the road. A few more weeks and the fall crops will be planted, pumpkins harvested.

It's tough cooking fresh during this time of year. But the farmer's market still has potatoes and I broke down and bought broccoli at the local grocery. Labor Day is a great time for grilling before I switch over to soup season. So here is my last of summer/beginning of fall side dish for ya.

Roasted Broccoli and Potatoes

5 small yukon, red or other potatoes, cubed
2 crowns broccoli, cut into florets
olive oil
salt to taste

Put your potatoes in a plastic storage bag with oil and salt. SHAKE your booty. Repeat with broccoli florets.

Put potatoes in pyrex dish at 425 for 30 minutes.

Toss broccoli on top of potatoes in same glass dish.  Continue to cook for 10 minutes.
Serve with your favorite grilled object!
Hope your autumn starts off with a bang? What do you love best about Labor Day weekend and what it represents?


  1. We stopped at the local fruit stands here in Western New York and the grapes and pumpkins are ready. Concord grapes. Delish!!

    1. Love Concord grapes. They say fall to me too.

      Tina, you're in NY????

    2. Not announcing it widely, but yes, left hubby to man the Arizona cave while I visit the folks.

    3. Gathering material for my next Italian RomCom.

  2. You know, I never thought to toss them in a bag! I always hand toss, which is kind of nice for an olive oil and kosher salt hand treatment (they end up very soft and smooth!). But this would be really convenient. And sounds like good exercise shaking your booty! :)

    Thanks, Julie! I loved seeing the kidlets. So cute!!

    1. I like using the bag because I can pre-cut and stick it back in the fridge until I need to cook them. But I love the hand treatment idea.

      Thanks about the kidlets. We think they are pretty cute too.

      Peace, Julie

  3. Yum --- I'll try this recipe out when the weather gets cooler. It's not cooperating with the seasons. Nasty humidity!

    This Labor Day weekend is going to be total veg and relaxation for me. I work in a school library so usually I'm frantically getting bulletin board things ready but this year my library was painted over the summer so I'm not opening right away. That means I'm not rushing around this weekend...but I will be unpacking upteen boxes of books next week so I figure I deserve to rest up. And I have Tina's book next in line to read and Irene Hannon's latest suspense and a new historical and another Amish...I'm actually glad it's going to be a rainy weekend. :-)

    1. No rain here but Man O has a crick in his neck which means no yard work for him. I am using that as an excuse.

      So now I know your day job!

      Hope the doggies are doing okay.

  4. I love roasted veggies, Julie! There's something so satisfying about the blend of flavors!

    Quiet weekend for plans :)

    1. Yes, indeed. We had a lovely visit and then lunch at the newest Olive Garden around. There were so many of us we got the "family room"!!!

      Quiet is good.

  5. That picture is adorable!
    And the food sounds yummy, too. :)

  6. That picture!!! I'm dying of the cuteness!!!! And was she there all day? At two? Man, that's a long day for anybody. I wonder what the teachers looked like!

    Ok, LOVE that outfit. So elegant and fun! But definitely a tall person's outfit. If I wore that it would be a 'look at me I'm short and this jacket is adorable and hey, didja notice I'm short?'

  7. Sorry so late checking in, but we were out of town this weekend. Wish I had checked, though. This sounds DELICIOUS! And something I could have made this weekend. I had both broccoli and potatoes. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

    Thanks, Julie. For the recipe and for reading my book. :)