Friday, June 21, 2013

Perfect Little Sliders

Missy, here. And I only have about 10 minutes until midnight when my post is supposed to go up. So I chose to share a really easy meal.

Hamburgers on the grill. One of my favorite things.

But I decided to make it a little more fun. I decided to make sliders. And I bought some wonderful Martin's Potato Rolls to go with them. They're the softest buns and rolls around. I even bought whole wheat this time, and the kids didn't notice. :)

So I took approximately 1.25 pounds of ground beef (I buy the 93% lean). I mixed in two or three tablespoons of dried minced onions, which make them extra delicious.

Then I patted out 6 small burgers, mashing down in the center to they were almost doughnut like. That way they don't shrink up into round balls!

I grilled till done perfectly. (Don't go cooking ground beef rare or I'll send the food contamination police your way!)

Place on a bun and add a slice of cheese immediately. Then top with your favorite toppings.

Here's my plate:

I hadn't even planned to share this meal with y'all. But I thought they looked like little works of art so grabbed my camera! (Notice the bite already missing.) :)

Close up to see the beauty.

Then my daughter told me I had to share her plate with you. She thought hers was museum worthy as well.

With apologies to our vegetarians, I have to say these were amazing!

Missy Tippens


  1. Is it just me or does it look like those two hamburgers are flirting with each other? It's in the tipping of his hat and the come hither stance of :-) What else is a vegetarian supposed to do with this post except play with it?

    1. LOL, Kav!! They really do! :)

      I don't mind you playing. I'm just glad you did go running and screaming away. :)

  2. My guys would love these. Seriously.

    We usually do burgers on Saturdays, but sliders sound like a fun change-up. Thanks for the idea, Missy!

    1. Hope they enjoy them! You'll probably need 2 pounds at least, though. Mine batch made 6 burgers, which served 3 of us.

    2. Oops. Not MINE batch. LOL MY batch...

  3. OH MY GOSH. Maybe it's lunchtime, maybe I just love burgers, but I'm practically licking the screen! YUMMY.

  4. One question: why are they sliders? Did I miss something?

    (And I made note of that 'press down in the center' trick. I'll have to try that!)

    1. Virginia, you can tell how little they are by comparing the size to my fork. :) I bought the cute little rolls and decided to make the mini burgers (sliders). And yes, the pressing the center works on full size burgers as well!

  5. Replies
    1. They really are. And why is is so fun to eat cute burgers??? :)

  6. yum! never heard of whole wheat potatoes...guess it's like zucchini bread where you just toss in a little bit of zucchini and call it 'zucchini bread'? now I want a burger...