Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Time Management vs The Biological Imperatives

Hello, everybody!

 The Fresh Pioneer is back and I have a quick dish that will save your heinie. All right, maybe not save your heinie exactly but it will nourish your heinie when you've got bigger problems than cooking.

 Sometimes we have stuff to do.

Sometimes that stuff take a really big chuck of our time.

Sometimes that time crunch means that our basic needs are pushed to the very bottom of the list. Which basic needs? Well...

"Biological imperatives are the needs of living organisms as required to perpetuate their existence. It is possible to define the following hierarchy of logical imperatives for a living organism: survival, territorialism, competition, reproduction, quality of life-seeking, and group forming. Living organisms that do not attempt to follow or do not succeed in satisfying these imperatives are described as maladaptive; those that do are adaptive." -Wikipedia

 HM, I don't wanna be a MALADAPTIVE!! I want to... eat. Survive. Thrive.

So, while I was working on editing this...
You can peek at it here!
And preparing for this one to go on a free day....

    OH MY GOSH! As I write this it's #2 on the Free Kindle List!!!! If you're not sure what that mean in numbers, it's approximately 27,000 downloads in 12 hours. That's a lot of readers.

 And there are six kids and a husband and errands and cleaning and bathing... OK, so those last two just get dropped off the to-do list right away, but there is still a family to feed. And we can't cheat and use McDonald's. Although I have done the 'Binner' deal where we eat waffles because everyone is happy and I get them off to bed so I can write some more.

So, conical cauliflower. No, that's not it's real name. It's just a weird cone shape and we call it that. Sounds... alliterative. CHOP CHOP. Remember, we're under a time crunch.
Red cabbage.

I have a thing against cabbage since that whole stint in Poland, but we've reached a sort of uneasy truce. Cabbage agrees not to be boiled and stink up the house and I agree to eat it.

Baby asparagus, fresh carrots.


Admire nature's beauty.

Lay all the veggies on a pan and drizzle with olive oil. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Salt and pepper to taste.

375F for 15 minutes. Not too long. Edna is watching the timer. She doesn't enjoy limp veggies unless we're talking about carrot cake.

OK, I know it doesn't look really fancy, but this is brain food. And body food. And it will be a lot better for you than Mickey D's. When it has been consumed (with crusty French bread and some of that red pepper/green olive tapenade on the plate at the top), you'll be ready to jump back into the fray!!

Once more into the fray.

Into the last good fight I'll ever know. 

Live and die on this day. 

Live and die on this day.
 Don't freak out. I'm not planning on working myself to death. The poem is mostly about choosing battles. About when to jump and when to wait. So, I'm jumping!

My next project is another historical. Wish me luck. Historicals hurt my brain. But people like to read them so I think I'll write another. You can chalk it up to one of those biological imperatives. Maybe the territorial part, which we'll just call 'paying the mortgage'!

 Until next time, my dears!




    Well, thanks from me too! :) Oh my stars, I'm lovin' the Austen takes the South books, can't wait to get my hands on them. That's the problem with a Nook....

    I can't get KDP books and I never read books on the computer. That's mind-numbing and sleep-inducing!!!! I may have to just buy the paperbacks, kiddo!

    Let's not talk about carrot cake until July okay? That's when my self-imposed low-carb time gets easier.

    But every second Sunday I allow myself a TREAT day. That's to ensure my sanity and the veggies are to aid and abet capris that DON'T ZIP UP!!!



    We're such odd creatures.

    1. Oh, Ruthy, Ruthy, Ruthy... You know I'll just send you copies. You KNOW that, right???

      I throw them at the mailman's head. I throw them at the schoolkids coming off the bus. I slip them into the money as I pay for groceries.

      I shamelessly SELF PROMOTE. So,the first will be headed your way. And the next is prepping for print, so keep your shirt on and it will be there...

    2. No, don't you dare. I'll buy them. That's what friends do, Dork. And I don't mind doing it, either. I'm just weighing up getting a Kindle because so many of my buddies are doing Kindle only books and I want to have them available. And I like supporting my buds.

  2. Ruthy you need an ipad - then you can get the kindle app! I've already read the first one - liked it! well except for the gruesome discussion of amputations - kinda made me throw up so apparently missed the teeny bit of book 2's heroine since she and I were in the bathroom puking togther :-( and nope that first anonymous was NOT me!

    btw just curious- do authors make anything when amazon gives their stuff away?! always kinda wondered how that works.

    off to bed- 2 night shifts one off then another 'cause the jerk at work cancelled vacation fri night which means Saturday and Sunday get messed up from working just that one night..sigh...but oh well at least I still get 12 hrs overtime.


    1. Hahahaha! I know, I loved that scene! My sister is a nurse and says stuff like that all the time as I run for the bathroom.

      Shelby just nodded and listened, while cackling at how Caroline turned colors...

      No, no pay for now THIRTY THOUSAND downloads!!! But it's like getting a billboard in Times Square. No pay, but not having to pay for it either. It's awesome exposure. And it jump starts the second in the series. So, it's a win-win. Amazon customers are happy, and we get publicity!

  3. Susanna, my friend Mia has an i-Pad and she showed it to me... Gorgeous piece of equipment but I'd break it.

    I'm a wrecker. I destroy equipment. Partially because I have so many adorable helpers.

    Dave works those split shifts a lot. Catching sleep when he can. I feel for you, Susanna, but lovin' the overtime!

  4. First of all, I love the veggie bake. You could throw just about anything in there, couldn't you? I'll have to pair this up with tonight's lasagna.

    Second, I went to Amazon and tried to add to your P,P & CG stats, but it wouldn't let me. Something about buying the book earlier. Silly Amazon. It's next on my Kindle TBR list, though.

    Third, Ruthy has inspired me. I can't go no carbs - the body complains mightily when I do - but I'm cutting back on carbs by not eating any for snacks, and minimal for meals. That cutting back seems to be working okay, and everybody's happy.

    So, I can hear you asking now, how is that going to work with lasagna for supper? Whole wheat noodles and small portions - except for the veggie bake!

    1. I tried no-carb once several years ago. My husband did survive, but with a few scars. My children knew when to run, so they came out okay.

      I learned my lessons. I need carbs. I need a sandwich now and then. I don't need sugar. I don't need doughnuts. I don't need cookies every other day.

      So, I eat complex carbs and try not to eat like a 3 year old with the run of the grocery store.


      (With no consequences for my gluttony, of course!)

    3. You know, I don't cut them all out. If I want a potato once in a while, I do it. But I leave out bread and pizza. I'll grab a scoop of rice when we make or order Chinese food (my own basmati rice, not the restaurant stuff, yucka) and that's fun... but I'm not doing cake, cookies, candy (and that's probably the difference right there).

      So it's low-carb and no treats except for a few tiny dark chocolate chips now and again... and a baby scoop of ice cream once or twice/week. I still cook all the carbs for Dave and the fam when I cook, I just minimize my intake.

      Life totally without carbs would be wretched. I'm Irish. Potatoes are a must!

    4. Dark chocolate has NO carbs. I don't care what the package says.

      Do you hear that, Ghiradelli? No carbs!

      Okay, maybe a few. But I refuse to recognize them :)

  5. Love it. And so good for us! Jan is right. It will fill us up with good stuff!

    And it eventually filters to the brain!

    Ruthy, I love that treat day idea. Stealing.

    Peace, Julie

    1. Julie, is this gluten-free?? I added that tag because I couldn't see any gluten in it.

    2. The treat day works for me. I need little reward systems, like making writing a 'reward' not a job... that way I'm totally psyched to jump out of bed and work on a story. I do wish for more time and that's because now that summer/spring is here, there's so much more outside work. Winter is my Surge-Ahead time because I don't mind the darkness and I can steal more indoor computer time!

  6. Roasted veggies make eating healthy worthwhile. Yum! And I am so happy you have made a truce with cabbage! Hope things are more peaceful now that the book is up, can't wait to buy it!

    1. Yes, totally peaceful! Although Isabel and Ana will be totally missing the money they made. I paid them each $5 to watch the kids at the park while I sat in the car editing. HA! Two hour park visits= $10 a kid. two kids at $10= $20. The little kids had awesome fun and I'll be hawking my jewelry on ebay to pay those babysitting dues.

  7. Congrats to you on your rankings Virginia and thanks for another quick meal idea. I'm in awe of how you accomplish your work and I appreciate the insights.


    1. Hi Piper!! You would have laughed to see me yesterday.

      I was crying! Really, truly CRYING! It's very exciting. There are so many naysayers who give all sorts of odd comments like "it only work that way for a few, the rest sell ten books" or "what a waste of time, obviously no one wants to read it".

      Sigh. It's so easy to get discouraged, so I'm trying to get the word out. It's not hard, people! It's a whole new world...

      Oh, and yes, *ahem* the food is good. I would like to eat just French bread all day, but that wouldn't be too great. So, veggies and I make an acquaintance every now and then.

    2. People who say something can't get done should get out of the way of those doing it.

      I don't listen to naysayers ever. I avoid negative people. I pray for them. Because life is such an amazing blessing how can people not just jump on board and try a little bit of everything????

    3. I know!!! and if it's a flop, then at least I tried. Believe me, I'm as cautious as they come, bt when I believe in something nothing can stop me. And I believed in this series.

      Well, I believed in the charm of the South and the wit of Jane Austen.

  8. Sorry, I just realized I stuck this right on top of another post!! OOPS!!! This is Wednesday's post, people! :D

  9. I'm late! I was out of town and just read your post. So fun!! I love roasted veggies but never thought to add cauliflower or cabbage! I'll definitely give it a try!

    I just went to download your freebie...and I had already bought it! LOL I'm reading Blue right now so am reading your historical first, I guess. :)