Friday, March 22, 2013

Quickest Salad Ever!

Missy, here. With a quick post. Yes, I'm probably taking the easy way out for a post. But truly, this tip is so very easy, that's it's perfect for Speedbo month!

Would you like a quick, healthy salad?

Well, open a bag of greens (pre-washed is what I use, so it's extra quick).

Pull a box of LeanCuisine Salad Additions out of the freezer and follow the directions. :) Then dump on top of the greens/lettuce. That's it!

Granted, it's a little strange to put warm veggies/fruit on top of the greens. So you may want to let it cool a little. But the flavors are fantastic! I love the dressings. And there are several options. Cranberry and chicken is my favorite. I also love the Asian chicken version.

Since it's LeanCuisine, it's a low calorie option.


Now, back to Speedbo...


  1. Missy, I often make a warm grilled chicken salad (from scratch, not this version though). What my husband loves best about it is that mix of warm chicken on the cool, crisp lettuce.

    Now you've got me wanting chicken salad (but it's a Friday in Lent so that will have to wait).

    Happy Friday!

  2. Mary, I love the Zaxby's grilled chicken salad. The chicken is warm on that one as well. But everything else is cold and crispy, which is what makes it so good. On these, the veggies aren't cool and crispy. But it's still good. :)

  3. I've tried these and I love them.

    Will have to make a grocery story run today!!

  4. Perfect Speedbo lunch (or supper!).

  5. Do folks really wash this stuff if it's not pre-washed???? :)

    Confession time: (Catholics are always confessing during Lent....) I'm not a pre-washer. When I took my food handling course and they said that washing in cold or warm water doesn't bother e-coli, I decided not to bother either.

    And restaurants do huge vats of salad.... in cold water to crisp.

    And cold water doesn't bother e-coli there either. Most of us survive.

    So I don't bother washing which means you might want to steer clear of salad at Ruthy's house.

    BUT.... I eat a lot of rabbit food, Missy and this looks wonderful. I love quick/easy/tasty and little or no guilt... and chopping up apples and oranges to go on my salads makes me happy! Lovely suggestion here of making my life easier!

  6. YUM! I always think I'll eat salad and I buy tons of greens... but I don't eat it. My husband and kids do. I think I could do this. Meat on salad is doable.

    Thanks for th healthy dish!! After Speedbo it's gonna be diet time...

  7. Ruth Logan Herne! Shame on you!

    You know, I'm paranoid when it comes to germs. I wash my produce with soap and water, even though my kids fuss at me if they detect any leftover bubbles on their strawberries or blueberries! LOL So I got online and looked up the guidelines on the FDA or some such site. I was so prepared to show my family that I'm such a great mom/wife who is on the ball and looking after their health.

    Well, guess what the guidelines said? TO RINSE IN WATER.


    I'm with you. The E. coli is going to still be there. But apparently, the grit and dirt are more what they're worried about us rinsing off.

    So my family had a good laugh at me. And now I try not to cringe when they rinse their fruit. But I'm still paranoid, waiting to tell them "I told you so" if they get sick and I don't. :)

  8. Virginia, I'm not good about eating salads either. I'm much more likely to cook my greens and put them over pasta. Then top with cheese.

    Not exactly calorie friendly! So this quick salad works well for me.

  9. Missy, I've tried a few of the other mixes and they're really good too. (It's salad - I didn't think calories counted)

  10. Oh, I just love Ruthy
    You can tell she's had a herd of kids.

    Just sayin'... ;-)