Saturday, November 24, 2012

Simply Saturday Stuffed Mushrooms for the Holidays!

That title is a lie.

These are not simple.

But they're good enough to make and eat and will impress all the people you could possibly know. Right there, ADVANTAGE: YOU!

Sweet, right?

Here are the basics:

2 Lbs. Large Mushrooms
2 cups poultry stuffing (you can use your own or use Stovetop)
1 boxes heat-and-serve breakfast sausage links
1 cup Parmesan cheese
2 Tablespoons parsley

Wash mushrooms. Peel if necessary. Remove stems. Heat sausage in microwave to thaw. Using grinder or food processor, finely chop the sausage links, poultry stuffing (If using Stovetop, prepare a half-box as directed. Or do the whole box and eat half.)  :) and mushroom stems into a mealy-texture. Add Parmesan cheese and parsley. Mix well.

Saute mushroom caps in olive oil over medium heat (about 5-7 minutes)

Remove from heat. Allow to cool slightly (for handling).  Fill each mushroom with a nicely rounded spoonful of the stuffing. Place on baking sheet.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 16-20 minutes.

You will love these and you will bring them places and people will have more respect for you as a person because they are that good.


Or at least they'll invite you again!!!


  1. Love stuffed mushrooms and this is so easy. No crazy ingredients. Just regular good stuff.

    Have a great weekend!

    Peace, Julie

  2. I've never heard of stuffed mushrooms, but I'm game -- minuse the sausage!

  3. I love stuffed mushrooms, too, but I'm the only one in the family that does :(

    Maybe I can freeze single serving portions!

    1. Jan, you go to a party where they have them, then you can eat them in moderation... although I think these things are addictive!

  4. Ooh, these sound amazing! And I love the idea of the pre-cooked sausage! That way you won't get the grease or have to worry about them cooking all the way through.

    Thanks for sharing, Ruthy!

    1. I always put a paper towel under them to soak up extra grease and pretend I'm being health-conscious. Anything to fool the brain!

  5. This sound scrumptious! I stuff mushrooms with a bread and minced onion and green pepper mixture, topped with parmesan, but this sounds waaaaaaaayyyy tastier, albeit more work. Once long ago during my barefoot-and-pregnant-in-the-kitchen days I stuffed them with a cream cheese mixture, too. That was really good, but very messy to make.

    1. Carol, yes, this takes it one step beyond the norm, doesn't it? And subbing in the pre-cooked sausage saved the old step of taking a pound of fresh sausage and cooking it on the stove. It looks a little mushy in the pic (of the bowl of mix) but it firms up in the oven and tastes delicious. Kind of amazingly delicious!

  6. YUMMY!!!! And now we know how to get invited back!

    1. Do not use this if you do not want to be invited back. You know. One of THOSE parties that you're okay to "not make the cut"....

  7. Stuffed mushrooms! Love 'em. Usually forget about making them. Why is that?

    These look fab, Ruthy. I must put them on my list for this holiday party season.