Friday, October 26, 2012

It's Pumpkin Time! (And World Series Time!)

Missy, here. I had this great plan to bring you this wonderful recipe I discovered. But alas, my helpful husband put the butter back in the fridge (the butter that was supposed to be room temp and softened)! When I went to make the muffins, that butter was cold and hard as a brick, plus I HAD A BASEBALL GAME TO WATCH!!

And yes, the Giants and our nephew, Buster Posey, won game 2 of the World Series! Buster made an outstanding tag at home plate. I inserted it here just in case you wanted to watch. :) 
Blanco and Scutaro made amazing throws, and Buster (#28) made the tag. For those who know about his terrible injury from last year, I have to tell you that my heart stops every time I watch plays like this! But this one turned out nice. :)

Here's a link to check out the play. Click here. But come back!
Thanks for letting me celebrate just for a minute there. :)

Back to the food. I've learned the hard way there's no getting around letting that butter sit out to get to room temp. Microwaving it just doesn't work.


I grabbed a new mix that I bought yesterday. I thought it looked good and wanted to try it. Libby's Pumpkin Bread Kit.

It was easy as pie to make. Well, not really pie. But you know what I mean. :)

Just follow the directions. Mix up wet ingredients. Add the dry mix. (You'll need 4 eggs and oil on hand.)

We wanted the pumpkin bread to bake faster so did 6 mini-loaves.

It even came with a packet of icing to drizzle on top. Yum!

Nice and moist. Very flavorful and spicy. A perfect taste of fall.


  1. I'm sorry if the video keeps playing!! I think I'll take out the embedded video and insert a link instead. It keep replaying!

  2. Okay, I put in the link. :) Don't want you having to hear the play called over and over while you read the post. :)

  3. haha! That is SOOOOOO cool that your nephew made that tag! I saw it!

    Inadvertantly. My husband had the game on... Anything that could possibly be considered a sport, he watches. I don't if he really understands what's going on, but he enjoys it.

    Love pumpkin recipes. I'm having someone come over tomorrow to teach me how to make savory pumpkin rolls... :O

    1. Virginia, we always have a couple of games going around here. Last night we had the baseball recorded on DVR. Whenever we got to live TV, hubby would flip over to watch the football game for a few minutes so we could then skip commercials in the baseball game.

      Drives me crazy!

  4. Oh, Missy, I worked through Buster's success at the plate, and Jon was watching Minnesota Vikings vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (football) on the big tv.

    Congrats to the Giants! That rocks, and Buster is such a wonderful (Jeter-like) influence on those players. I really think his presence on the team makes a huge difference. He's got that "let's play ball" mindset without a big head. Wonderful!

    Oh, was there food connected to this blog? I missed that because we were talking baseball!!! :)

    I miss my Jeter.

    1. Wow, that was close!

      Yay, Buster!

    2. Ruthy, I keep seeing him compared to Jeter in articles. And each time I think of you!

      Pam, yeah, it was. And if you ever saw the play where he got taken out at home plate last year (and broke his leg and tore all the ligaments), then you'd have a heart attack like I did last night when I saw that BIG player running toward him!

  5. Famous nephew, pumpkin bread...nothing can go wrong today, right?

    I used to root for the Tigers, but I got over that back in '69. Now I root for anyone playing against Detroit :)

    And yes, Missy, my helpful husband has done some wonderfully non-helpful things for me. One of the most famous was when he unplugged the crock pot for me. It was cooking a breakfast casserole overnight for an EARLY morning meeting, and I had gone to bed early...imagine my dismay at 5:00 the next morning when I discovered half-cooked eggs and cheese that had been cooling to room temperature all night long. I didn't cry...much. He felt so bad.

    I'm off to purchase my new stove this morning!!!! My old one burned the top of the cornbread I made for supper last night. In the 15 minutes the bread was baking, the oven temp went between 350 and 450. I'm not even going to cry when that puppy takes its last walk out the door...

    1. Oh, no, Jan!! I bet you did cry!

      My poor hubby felt awful. And I felt awful because he truly was trying to be helpful, cleaning up after dinner. It ended up working out fine because I didn't have to miss much of the game. The prep only took about 10 minutes, and I could run in and watch whenever something exciting happened.

  6. Wait, wait, I missed that part. Your hubby was cleaning up??

    AND your nephew (named Buster Posey, how cute is THAT name) plays with the Giants.

    AND made an awesome play??

    Ok, I used to like you but now I'm just a teeny bit jealous... *deep breaths*


    1. LOL, Virginia. Hubby puts away the leftover food most nights when he's not rushing off to a meeting. It's his job! OF course, then I'm the one stuck with the dishes.

      But I can't complain. He also unloads the clean dishes!


  7. Jan, say adios to that oven!!! Maybe you could make it into a flower holder...

    1. Nope, not even a flower holder.

      The delivery guys are taking it away with them on Monday when they bring my new, gleaming, spiffy range with a WORKING thermostat.

      The display lights are blue. Is that perfect, or what?

    2. Jan, you'll have to share a photo!