Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Got Nothin'

That's right. Tex here and we're heatin' up leftovers at the cafe today. Sorry, gang, but I ain't cooked all week. Well, 'cept for that heat'n eat meal I brought home from the grocery. And let me tell you, my men ain't happy 'bout this either. All I hear is, "What's for dinner?"

Well, Mom's got a request she's aimin' to fill. That means no fancy eatin' for the entire month of October. Or until I git said request in, which ever comes first.

And really, this no-baking thing couldn't come at worse time of year. It was actually cold in Texas this weekend. That usually makes me wanna fire up the oven and cook 'til the cows come home. But noooo. The only thing I heated up was the seat of my chair. Which is a good thing. Until you git hungry.


I do see a light at the end of the tunnel, though. Sometime in the next week I should be rustlin' up some good grub to share with you folks next week.

So until then, adios and pass the frozen pizza.


  1. Oh, I hear you. I can go days withut cooking anything but chicken fingers and fried rice and top ramen... For the kids. Sandwiches for me. Hubby doesn't eat any of that, so he makes his own weird food.
    Until I can get caught up, cooking comes last.

    And sometimes I save tons of posts in a row, so I'm not worried about what to post. But I've run out and need to do that again.

    Plus, I've been thinking of going the paper plate and cup route, just for a little bit. I HATE THE THOUGHT of wasting paper, but 8 people and no dishwasher... I spend hours at the sink.

    And I need those hours....

    1. Go for the paper, Virginia. Come over to the dark side. And then plant a tree :-)

  2. Virginia I like the paper plate idea too. I am the only one but tend to leave dishes for a few days.

    I know about not feeling like or having time to cook. I have found with things like spaghetti sauce I can make enough for many meals and freeze them.
    I am having roast lamb for lunch tomorrow. then I can have cold meat and salad for the next few days.

    1. Jenny, that roast lamb made my mouth water, even thougb when I think of little woolie lambies, I don't want to eat them!

      yes, I'm thinking paper plates will have to make an appearance soon...

    2. Roast lamb? Jenny, if I left right now, do you think I'd be there in time to join you? That sounds totally delish.

  3. Hey Mindy,

    Forgive me 'cause I don't speak Western drawl real well so I'm just awonderin' if you mean that you got a request for a book? And that's what you're rustlin' up instead of grub? If so Yeeeehawwwww!

    Virginia -- get a dog -- they make excellent dish washers. :-)

    1. hey don't knock it - my dogs managed to clean pans and dishes I thought were goners!
      curious about the request too!
      sick today- caught what my friend and little dude have

    2. You know, Kav, I've heard of that before. If my dogs are lucky enough to lick the plates, I'm just gonna call it a pre-rinse before the go in the dishwasher. I've seen my dogs lick their butts (oh, you know you have too). I am not eating after them.

      And yes, it is a manuscript request. Praying things turn out well:-)

    3. hope it goes well Mindy! and yep the dog-cleaned dishes definitely go in the dishwasher (though I told my mom that I threw them out) I have high temp scrub and use it all the time :-) and my dogs sneak the stuff - they can reach the sink, stove..could probably open the fridge if they wanted :-( they don't do it so much now since they're older and their hips bother them but back in their younger years I couldn't even leave a crockpot going without being downstairs the whole time. I accused my cousin once of taking the 2 bbq chicken legs I was taking to work(she had said she didn't want them) they were on the stove in a pan - the pan was completely clean and still in place on the stove - not a trace of anything being touched except no chicken! turns out one of both of the dogs- probably the shepherd since she's taller. she licked it clean as a whistle.
      Susanna who probably won't ever have any dinner guests...

    4. That is hilarious, Susanna. Hubby once had a dog that snatched some chicken he had boiling on the stove. Now that's determination. I love the hi-temp scrub. Kills everything. Even germs from the dogs who decide to clean off stuff AFTER it's in the dishwasher :-)

  4. Sorry I'm a day late! Mindy, I hope you get that request in soon! Meanwhile paper plates and frozen pizzas are a great idea. :)