Saturday, August 25, 2012

Seeds, Greek Yogurt and Fruit Delight!

Okay, you know I'm a salad nut. And I'm not always munching on fruit, I'm more a veggie/broccoli gal, but...

What says summer better than a fruit plate/bowl of Amazing Deliciousness????

Here's the fresh-from-market ingredients:

Strawberries, Mango, Grapes, Sunflower Seeds, Almonds, Greek Yogurt


Peel and slice the mango... It should be just beginning to be tender, not too soft, for optimum sweet taste. Put in bowl or on plate.  Toss in a handful of grapes because they're wondrously deliciosa!  (Think Dora the Explorer!) Then slice up a few berries... and you may toss in anything else you want, but that's what I went with...


I tossed in a handful (or two) of toasted sunflower seeds and sliced almonds...


I used a 6 oz. Chobani Greek Yogurt (it was strawberry flavored, but plain would have been fine because I didn't need the extra calories or carbs and the fresh fruit made it plenty sweet enough!)

I nestled that creamy Greek deliciousness to the side... And I had the worlds most wonderful, cool, sunshine-lovin' lunch ever.


And it made me smile.

(Which is VERY IMPORTANT because my Yankees lost THREE GAMES to Chicago White Sox. Sigh...)


  1. I love greek yogurt! I like to take the vanilla flavor(or risk sweetening the plain 'cause I don't think it's possible to have enough fruit to sweeten the plain stuff!) and layer or mix in strawberries and blueberrie - blackberrie too sometimes - and granola- kashi I think makes a granola cereal that has teeny bitty pieces of chocolate! I've never thought about adding sunflower seeds..hmm...

  2. I love Greek yogurt. I use my own and do add-ins like you did. Protein is my new favorite word.

    One of my favorite things to do is to make mock-mayo. I add a little bit of mustard, salt and lemon juice and then add it to tuna or chicken when I make those salads.

    Shhhh. Don't tell Man O I am watching our fat levels.

    Peace, Julie

  3. Just when I discovered that I like Oikos vanilla Greek yogurt, Wegmans stopped carrying it. :( "Discontinued"??? How dare they! Found it at Wal-Mart and picked some up. But at $1.00 a thingy, that's expensive when you're cutting corners on everything. *sigh* But I do like mixing in lots of frozen blueberries and turning that vanilla yogurt purple! ;-)

  4. This is my go-to breakfast on really hot days when I can't bear the thought of eating hot oatmeal! Haven't added in seeds though, I really need to start doing that. But what is the hoopla about Greek yoghurt vs regular old yoghurt? I thought it was just a passing fad but everyone here seems to love it.

  5. YUM!! Melanie, is the yogurt you're talking about a light version? I think the one I found at Walmart was actually light vanilla Greek yogurt, though I'm pretty sure it's made by Dannon. It's so very yummy! But I can't find it at my grocery store. Only at Walmart. I hope they don't quit making it! I, too, love turning things like oatmeal and yogurt purple with blueberries. :)

    Ruthy, this would be really good with oats in it.

    Julie, I love your idea with tuna!

    Kav, it has like twice the protein, so it's more filling. Plus, I just love the creamy texture. It's really rich, especially the vanilla that I buy. I crave the stuff.

    Susanna, I can't do the plain either unless I'm using it like sour cream.

  6. Hoo boy, this looks yummy. I wish I had the ingredients on hand - I'd make it for supper.

    The rest of the family is having burgers, but we had sandwiches up in Keystone for lunch and I'm still stuffed. More about all that on Monday...

    I like the Greek yogurt, too. My son likes the honey flavor, but I love the vanilla, especially with fruit mixed in.

    Ruthy, if your Yankees keep losing, you might as well change to the Cubs. Their fans make a career out of cheering on a losing team :). But you know they'll rally. Just hold on.

  7. This looks so refreshing. Perfect for breakfast.