Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Coffee Chat!

Missy, here. Today's our regular chat day, and I thought I would make this really easy for you.

Another photo of my babies, my writing buddies! (old shot, no gray muzzles yet)

What do you most like to read?

See, I told you it was an easy question. Although, most of you are probably like me and will list three or more genres, so I'm making it a little tougher. You can only pick ONE genre. And you have to make it very specific. You can't just say mysteries or romance. :)

To be honest, that's really tough for me! I'm pretty sure I'll have to name at least two...or three. So I'll work on narrowing that down and let you know tomorrow (when the post goes up).

Okay, grab your coffee/tea/chocolate (have you had the frozen hot chocolate at Dairy Queen yet??!) and pull up a comfy cafe chair, and let's chat!


  1. The first question what do I most like to read my first thought was books then I read more.
    I would have to go historical fiction. While I love other genres historical is my favourite.

  2. No fair! Can we talk about the dogs instead??? What a dream of a chocolate lab! And the expression on his face! And inquiring minds want to know what they're names are. :-)

    I can't answer your question, truly I can't...well okay maybe I can. Christian Fiction ta-da...does that work???? I can't narrow it down to genres because I love 'em all and wouldn't want to just read one kind. Like Jenny, I love historicals -- you can't help it when you trip over them at the bookstore. There are more historicals out there then any other genre, I think. And I adore Amish. And contemporary. And suspense. I like variety in my reading. Like this week I went from Glamorous Illusions by Lisa T. Bergren to A Family to Cherish by...oh...whatshername :-) to Director's Cut by Janice Thompson and I just started Waiting for Sunset by Eva Marie Everson. So since Saturday I've covered historical, Love Inspired, contemporary romance and women's fiction. So there! :-)

  3. Oh, my. I can't pick one. I hop around and I think that broadens my horizons.

    I love great fantasy/sci fi. Just love it to pieces. Always have. But I love romance too and love a great combination of the two.

    If I had to pick, I'd say first choice is warm, hearth and home romance and/or women's fiction. But not the Kill Yourself Now It's So Sad type.


    I like stories that wrap around me. Karen White. Lisa Wingate's women's fiction... Those stories make me smile and sigh, they're so beautifully presented.

    But I like so many things that this is NOT A FAIR QUESTION.

    So now I'm mad.

    Need ice cream.


  4. Okay, we can all agree on one thing, Missy. This question just isn't fair.

    Pick one? That's like asking a dog to choose between bologna and cheese!

    If I were choosing ANY book to read RIGHT NOW, I'd choose a Miss Read book - I love her writing. She was a mentor/inspiration for Jan Karon, and wrote the same types of stories - people facing life - and adding in dashes of heart-breaking humor. So what genre do you call that? It isn't quite women's fiction, is it?

    But if you asked me the same question in an hour, I might say fantasy, or mystery, or suspense, or western, or Amish, or long as it's a good story, and I don't have to wade through a lot of garbage to get to it. (Which is one reason I like Christian fiction so much...).

    Kav - I hope you'll like my book coming out from LIH next year (squeee! I'm still so excited about this whole gig!). It's an Amish historical, set in the 1930's. And there are gangsters in it, packin' heat. And, of course, sweet children.

    And I love my hero. Just don't tell my dear husband!

    1. LOL -- oh my goodness, Jan, you've bounced genres there. Sure to corner the market that way, eh? Historical. Amish. And sounds like a dash of supsense too! I'm definitely looking forward to it!

  5. LOL!! Didn't know I'd start a riot! :)

    Jenny, I love historical as well. You get the prize for narrowing it down and only picking one!

    Kav, they're Libby (lab) and Duke (my polka-dot mutt). :) And boy, you've had a great week of reading! Especially whats-her-name's book. :)

    Ruthy, ice cream is a given. Although, actually, I'm more for Menchie's! Give me the strawberry cupcake frozen yogurt!

    Okay, now for me... sweet romance, YA (sweet romance), Christian sweet romance (LI type), women's fiction with some sweet romance in it...I guess you see my theme! (And my cheating way to include several genres!)

    I'm so clever today.

  6. Missy sweet romance basically covers every genre except suspense. you get sweet romance in historical too.
    I figure historical is a broad range (you didn't say narrow it down). I dont like regency alot and would struggle to pick an era. Ironically the last 4 books have not been historical and todays will be an aussie ya. (I have to judge it) Oh didn't include the childrens books I read yesterday to judge also. Still shaking my head over one that didn't mention God at all in it and used words even I cant pronounce and its based at 3 - 7 year olds. (It mentioned God in the note to parents at the back of the book but apart from that you wouldn't know) We are giving feedback for the Aussie Caleb awards and the bookshop catagory (they have one with the favourite books as voted for by independent christian bookshops but they put childrens books, non fiction, YA, Fiction all genres all in the same catagory. I cant give a children's book the same score as a fiction book!)

  7. Easy. Contemporary romance. End of story:-)