Saturday, May 19, 2012

Simply Saturday Bacon-wrapped Scallops

Okay, this is truly simple.

But probably not health conscious.

And my buddy Kav probably can't do it with tofu or mashed green beans...

Sorry, Kav!!!!


These babies are worthy!  ;)

Two ingredients:



This is all Luke's fault. Because he's home this weekend, I pretty much blame him for everything, but especially great food! Nothin' like a kid comin' home to inspire me to light the home fires!!!

Here's what you do:

Wrap each scallop in a piece of bacon.
Broil, turning every 3-4 minutes until bacon is cooked as desired.

I cut the huge scallops in half, then used a half strip of the nice extra thick bacon I get at Sam's club.


I used the upper broiler setting because the lower rack and lower setting weren't cooking them fast enough and we were hungry. It could have been a Tim Allen Home Improvement flash fire event, but I have a fire extinguisher handy....  (big grin here.)

Just in case.

I think thinner bacon works better. These came out great but they took a while of turning and cooking...  But either way, they were amazing and disappeared throughout the evening. A great 'grab-me-now' snack!


  1. I am pretty sure that next to dark chocolate, scallops are my favorite food. YUM@!!!

    1. Oh, Tina, I agree... Their taste is like nothing else. And no carbs!!!! :)

      That's gotta be reason enough to spend money on them, right????

  2. I don't think I've ever had scallops - shrimp was my trip into the exotic and I was in my sr year of high school before I tried that! - but this is making me crave those bacon wrapped jalapenos that are stuffed with cream cheese...saw a recipe on skinnytaste I think it was where she stuffed chicken breasts with that mixture and rolled them up -seems like she pounded them flat the filled them and rolled them..ok this salad isnt cutting it here...


    1. Susanna, I do that too! I'll be eating salad and reading about OTHER FOOD and kind of lose my taste for broccoli slaw, LOL!

      But I do love broccoli slaw salad. And yes, I've been eating it all week because I had to drag out the tubs of summer clothes....

      Oy. Oy. Oy.

      Nuf said.

    2. yeh weight watchers says to 'plan meals' and 'try new recipes/foods' but I can't look at food ideas without getting hungry so I flip through cookbooks and online recipes when I'm eating and then I'm hungry for something else!
      summer is already here where I am - heck I can wear shorts year'round if I felt like it (and I don't except in the house!) we get a few cold spells during the winter but this past year it stayed fairly mild - not like the previous 2 yrs when we had one weekend each at 18 degrees low (usually hitting freezing is pushing it for us)


  3. I'm surprised my husband didn't sniff these out and send me over here faster. He loves bacon-wrapped scallops. Well, he pretty much loves bacon and anything, but especially scallops.

    Ruthy, the last time I made them, I cheated and partially pre-cooked the bacon in the microwave. That made it broil better without overdoing the scallops. Bet they'd be great grilled too.

    1. Mary, that's a great idea! They do that at restaurants. We'd pre-cook the bacon the night before. It comes in a big flat box and the bacon is single file on a thick piece of "freezer paper" type paper... The cook picks it up, flips it over and the bacon hits the hot griddle...

      He pulls the paper off and 18 pieces of bacon are cooking. Then they get them about 80% cooked and lift them onto paper towel lined pans.

      Next morning? Every breakfast order with bacon just needs two slices thrown on the hot griddle and heated up...

  4. Oh, wow! Sounds like something I would love.

    Ruthy, I hope you're all having a fabulous weekend!! I think maybe your'e on to something. Spoil them by feeding them good food so they'll want to come home more often. :)

    1. Missy, yes!!!!

      I agree!!!!!!

      Whatever it takes to get these far away kids home on occasion!

  5. scallops like a fish? Or an onion? I always get confused about that. But the bacon nixes it for me. And you're right, Ruthy, even my creative vegetarian brain can't think of a veggie alternaive.

    Long live Wilbur and Babe. Oink. Oink.

    1. I love Wilbur. And Babe. That's why we named our pigs "Ham" and "Bacon" when we raised our own pork.

      So no one would get attached, LOL!

      Scallops and scallions. I get it, Kav, who thinks up these names? And a friend (a smart friend) told me that the giant scallops are really SHARK MEAT....

      That they cut with a scallop cutter.

      Whaddya' think? Is the seafood industry fooling us?

      Gotta google it... Rumors but no proof. And it doesn't matter because these things were so delicious. Some things are best left secret!!!!

  6. LOL, Kav!! They're seafood. :) You know, you could use chunks of tofu, but somehow the bacon defeats the purpose.


    1. Kav, do you eat seafood?

      And how's the new place coming along?????