Saturday, May 26, 2012


Book giveaway and signing today!

10 - 12 Morning... 
Alpha and Omega Books
Stoneridge Plaza 
Greece, New York

2 - 4 Afternoon
Alpha and Omega Books
Panorama Plaza
Penfield New York

Come. Meet Ruthy. 

Eat cookies. Chat. Browse. For a $5 donation, you can choose any Ruthy-book available (even the out of print North Country Series!!!!) and Ruthy (that's me, in case you didn't know) will sign the book, smile for pics and just have old-fashioned fun meeting you!!!  Proceeds to benefit the Open Door Mission,
a Christian Rescue mission in Rochester New York that works to help the impoverished and homeless each and every day.

No tax.

No shipping.

Great company.

Can you say SUH-WEET????? 

And if you can't be there and just want to support a good cause, call the store... 
We'll order books for you and mail them to you and proceeds will still go to support food and shelter for the homeless.

Remember when the great "Wizard of Oz" talked about being a "Good Deed Doer"?
Today, that's what it's all about!
So drive on down... over...up to meet The Yank (Ruthy) and have some fun!

This promo has been brought to you by the owners and managers of the Yankee Belle Cafe. The opinions of said author do not necessarily reflect those of the owners/managers of the Yankee Belle Cafe, but usually they do. For obvious reasons.

No cookies have been hurt in the making of this commercial.


  1. Ruthy, have a great day with that signing!!!

  2. I am so glad not cookies were hurst in the making of the commercial.

    Hope you have a great day signing also. and hope you get writers cramp (In a good way).

  3. LOL, I'm with Jenny, so grateful no cookies were hurt. :-) Have a great day, Ruthy!!!! wish I could be would be doable too if I had a passport and a car and a driver's license. Just minor technicalities that stand in the way of my border hopping. I'm in Ontario -- maybe about three hours away from Potsdam...I think that's the closest border crossing to me. I'll be there in spirit!!!!

  4. LOL, Jenny! And Kav, don't be breaking any laws (of out countries or of nature!) to go to meet Ruthy. :)

    Ruthy, sounds like a big day!! I hope you have a grand time!

  5. sounds like fun! I'm stuck in houston though - kinda far away - but I actually have today off!

  6. Aw, man, I totally wish I could be there. Grr... Drat those1000+ miles between Texas and New York.

  7. Mindy we should carpool up there! it's already hitting 90 here in Houston - blech!