Monday, May 14, 2012


Missy, here. And I LOVE pizza. I especially love homemade pizzas. Or maybe I should say partially homemade. :)

Here's what I like to make...

I buy pre-made crusts, which are usually near the lunch meat in my grocery store (must be because it's near the bacon and pepperoni). In the same location, I find jarred pizza sauce. These store well in the pantry. When I have a craving, I also gather any other ingredients we may want like pepperoni and veggies. Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

Here, I chose some greens. We sometimes use Canadian bacon or ham, green peppers, etc.

And I decided to do a mix of cheddar, parmesan and 4-cheese Italian mix.

Drizzle a little olive oil on the crust and spread it around. Then add the pizza sauce. Top with your chosen ingredients!

Lower temp on oven and bake at 425 for about 10 minutes.

It's fantastic! And what's nice is each person can choose his or her favorite ingredients. :)

Do you ever make pizzas at home? (Ruthy, if you make your own crust homemade, I don't want to hear it!!) ;)


  1. Hi Missy.

    I love to make this. I usually do either spinach or broccoli, but i've also added artichoke hearts and black olives.

  2. this is making me want pizza! I can't seem to find a whole wheat crust that's little :-( I'd at least like to feel a little healthy LOL! and I've gotten where I really don't like bought pizzas - store bought or delivered - too greasy and expensive. I've never heard of putting lettuce on a pizza though..Mary's spinach, artichoke hearts and black olives sounds good though - but maybe I'll keep the green stuff as a salad on an separate plate LOL!
    Susanna who bets Ruthy makes anything involving flour and yeast homemade..

    1. HAHAHAHAHA! When I use homemade pizza crust, I use the exact same recipe that I posted here for homemade bread...

      It makes awesome pizza dough! I bake it a little first, to give it a drier surface. That way the sauce doesn't make it too gooey.... And I dust the pizza pan with corn meal after I grease it.

      Just like a pizza shop, LOL!

  3. So did you know that in Canada there is not such thing as "Canadian bacon?" That it's just smoked pork loin?

    I found that out because we always called it Canadian bacon...

    We're such Americans, LOL!

    I use homemade crust sometimes, but I buy "Boboli" if I'm short on time. It's a slightly prebaked crust like you've got here....

    But I love to slather it with STUFF... Like deep dish pizza type stuff.

    I love toppings.

    This looks really good though, Missy because I'm mighty hungry right now!

  4. I finally found a homemade pizza crust that my family likes - using my usual bread dough was too heavy for them, but they like the recipe I found on the food network.

    One thing I like about homemade pizza is that you can mark off quarters of the pizza with green peppers or something, and let everyone put on their favorite cheeses and toppings. My favs are plenty of cheese, spinach, onions and garlic, and then topped with olive oil and basil as soon as it comes out of the oven.

    Oooh, it sounds so good! And I'm not even hungry (that always happens when I spend 12 hours in the car).

  5. Hey, y'all!!! I'm finally home. Left Thursday to go to my son's graduation. Flew from NC back to Nashville with my mom early this morning. Then I drove home. I was wiped out (after getting up at 4 am) and took a nap this afternoon.

    I've missed everyone! Sorry I haven't been around. It's been a crazy weekend.

    This pizza is looking good right now! After eating out all weekend, I'm ready for something homemade (or at least semi-homemade). :)

  6. Welcome home, Missy! Congrats to your son!

    We got home and my husband said, "So, what are you cooking for dinner?"

    I had a baked potato at Wendy's.

    1. I meant to say - we got home *from my daughter's graduation*

  7. Congrats to your daughter, too, Jan!!! It's an exciting time for them. But I was sad flying out today. He's staying in NC, and I won't see him for a while. :(