Saturday, April 14, 2012

Simply Saturday Chicken Parm!

I love chicken parmesan.

Pollo Parmigiana!

Whatever you want to call it, I've had it lots of different ways, and this is my favorite.
When I don't have time to make sauce, I use



A jar.  ;)

This is a great marinara type sauce I get at Sam's Club, to die for delish!

For this recipe you need:

Chicken breasts, boneless, skinless
3 eggs, beaten
1/2 cup water
Flour for dredging (not like the river. Yuck)
Mozzarella cheese
Fresh bread crumbs if available (Remember I use old bread, crumb it and keep it in the freezer)

So far, easy-peasy, right????

Beat eggs. Add water to thin them a smidge
Put 1/2 cup flour (give or take) on plate or in bowl for dredging
Put bread crumbs in bowl big enough for thrashing chicken around.

Cut chicken breasts into smaller pieces. Pound out if too thick. (This also releases pent-up anger management issues, very therapeutic)
Dip chicken into flour

Then egg/water mixture:  

Then into the bread crumb bowl they go!
(feel free to add Italian seasonings to the bread crumbs if you must. I like mine with salt, pepper and garlic... But you can add basil... oregano... parsley...onion... Whatever your heart's desire!!!)

Now heat your olive oil to hot, not smokin'... Don't burn the house down,
that's all I'm sayin'...

Settle enough chicken into the pan to allow room for turning...

Brown on both sides...

Chicken will look like this...  And right now you're almost done. Really.

Place chicken onto cookie sheet or pan.... top with cheese. Keep warm in 250 degree oven while cooking pasta and warming sauce in microwave...

And here's where I messed up because I forgot to snap a picture of a pretty plate filled with Barilla pasta al dente, Chicken Parmesan, covered with the jarred marinara and dusted with Parmesan cheese...

So here's one from the Internet!

Just so you know... I used more sauce than that ... Really, that's barely worth mentioning.... And I didn't do the broccoli although it looks wonderful.

I totally, absolutely carb-loaded.

Shame on me!  ;)

And here's a gratuitous picture of something cuter than cute...

This was yesterday at my house... How cute are they? All of' 'em???

A representative sampling of how fun my week has been!


  1. The burning question in this vegetarian's mind is this: where do they get the boneless chickens from? And how does a boneless chicken survive long enough to become the key ingredient for your dinner? I mean, it would be kind of hard to stand up and peck at your chicken feed if you didn't have bones, don't you think?

    And forget the kids (though they are cute) -- are those golden blobs puppies?!

  2. Yummy and precious!

    And LOLOL, Kav!!!!!

  3. Kav, science has perfected boneless chicken via cloning muscle tissue in chicken-breast-shaped pans in the lab...

    No death required!!!! ;)

    Hey, you know, I expect that will be true for my children's generation.

    Test tube chicken. Test tube steak.

    Instead of moo-cows.... genetically produced low-fat Angus beef in the lab.

    I want IN on the bottom floor of that revival!

    Kav, yes, those are some of the Golden Retriever puppies.... SO SLEEPY...... ;) They run and play and yip, then drop and snore....


  4. The children are so cute!

    your recipe sounds like one of my favorites!!!

    1. Thank you Melissa! I won't tell them you think they're cute, or they'll get the big head!!! ;)

      And see???? Great minds think alike. A nice chicken parm with easy-peasy sauce.

      Lovin' it with you!

  5. looks good! I've never understood being stingy with the sauce - every time at Olive Garden I have to ask for extra sauce - you'd think it was in short supply or something!


  6. Your chicken parmesan looks amazing! The Victoria Marinara Sauce is a favorite for many people. Thank you for sharing AND for shopping at Sam’s Club! – Ramona from Sam’s Club