Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Coffee Chat!

Okay, it's our day to chat. And rather than come up with a topic, I thought I'd invite y'all to jump in with anything you'd like to discuss! (No, Ruthy, I'm not just being lazy!) ;)

So...what's on your mind today?? It doesn't even have to be about food. :) Although I will admit I stopped on the way home from my local ACFW chapter meeting last night and bought Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Two dozen glazed! And hey, if you can't think if anything to chat about, just tell me your favorite doughnut place. :)


  1. Krispy Kreme! I think the closest one to me right now is in Kansas City. That's 700 miles away, Missy. This is cruel, just cruel.

    I'm off to bed, but I'll be back to join in the conversation in the morning.

    If I get over my Krispy Kreme disappointment.

  2. I miss Krispy Kreme so much. I could eat a dozen of those glazed doughnuts... They melt in your mouth. No one else makes them that way.


    We lost all of our good doughnut places here, then one re-opened, but its 35 minutes away, across town... So I don't get over there. Weekdays it's too far, weekends I'm working in the morning and I have a rule about sitting my butt in a chair on Saturdays.

    BUT... Our local Tops Markets have really good doughnuts. Not like the old school, but delicious... The best fried cake in our area??? I have to give two thumbs up, gold stars and a shout of approval to Zarpentine Farms in Hilton. Their cider fry cakes are like a drug addiction. I'm not even close to kidding, so they rank right up there with Krispy Kreme...

    Now I'm hungry.

    Thanks a lot, Missy!!! ;)

    1. Ruthy, when I was growing up in Michigan, we used to go out to Uncle John's Cider Mill for the best cider donuts. Every fall I still get nostalgic for them. They just don't make 'em down here.

  3. Jan, I'm sorry. I hope you got up this morning and made a quick run over there. ;)

    Ruthy, what on earth is a fried cake??? Is it like a cake doughnut? Or maybe you shouldn't tell me, It sounds like something I shouldn't meet. :)

  4. I'll open up a subject for discussion (anything to stop me thinking about donuts!): What do you all think about living with adult children?

    Our two younger boys are 18 and almost 20, and both plan to continue living at home through their college years. And then our college girl (age 23, almost 24) will be moving in with us after graduation in May, and our oldest son (almost 28 - we have a lot of early summer birthdays...) is also moving in with us the first of June.

    This is all our idea - as often as we've moved (the most recent one being just a year ago), our kids don't have a home - except where we are. The moving has made our family depend on each other, and we like being around each other. Besides, in this economy, all of us can use all the help we can get.

    But we've realized that we'll be six adults living in one house. With all our adult stuff and eating habits and different schedules.... It's going to be a fun summer as we work all this out and get used to living with each other again.

    We'll set up a chore schedule for everyone, get out the big calendar again to keep track of who's going to be home for meals, figure out where to put everything (two of the boys will have to share a room - we're thinking of renting a storage locker), and mostly, looking forward to having everyone in the same town again.

    What do you think? Have we overlooked anything?

  5. Jan, it sounds to me like you've covered all the bases! A calendar is a great idea. When my college son is home during holidays, that's the hardest part and biggest frustration--cooking and then finding out he has other plans.

    I would think sharing the bathrooms will be the same! You may need a calendar for showers! LOL

    I think it'll be great, though, to have everyone home! I know I always feel better when all 5 of us are here--as rare as that is. Everything just seems...normal.

    1. A shower schedule...I hadn't thought of that!

      Yes, I feel the same way when we're all together. The last time was in January during my FIL's funeral. We met the older two in Des Moines and traveled east together from there - I'm sure the hotel staff thought we were a bit odd:)

  6. Donuts...St. George's in Springfield, MO. It's a place both my parents used to take us to when we were kids. They were divorced, so it's neat that they took us to the same place independently.

    Now there's a store in my sister's town, walking distance from her house. Whenever I spend a night there we indulge for breakfast. And if she's coming to my house early in the day, you got it. She brings some along.

    Every time I go in there, I tell them they need to open a store in my town. No luck yet. We have no real good donut places.

    I just don't like Krispy Kreme that much. /ducking the donuts flying at my head/

    Well, I do love their raspberry jelly filled. I could eat them by the dozen.

  7. My only daughter is 5. So I'll come back in 15 years to comment on the adult children topic.


  8. I think I'd have to go with Krispy Kreme too. I don't indulge very often because, like Ruthy, I could eat a dozen of them. Except I don't have Ruthy's willpower.

    And by the way, did I mention I'm back on Weight Watchers? Maybe I should have. Shame on you, Missy. All this talk about donuts has spiked my blood sugar:-)

  9. Andrea, we won't fling Krispy Kreme doughnuts at you! We value all opinions around here--even if they're unbelievable! ;) LOL Just kidding with you. St. George's sounds wonderful!

  10. Sorry, Mindy! After indulging last night and again for breakfast, I had a nice, healthy salad for lunch. :)