Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Madness Begins!!!!!

If you have boys, or a husband, or a sports fanatic daughter, or yourself, you know what this post means simply by the title.

I didn't know what March Madness was until my boys were old enough to LOVE college basketball. Now all we need to do is here the opening notes of the theme song, and they all grin... hugely.

NCAA championship tournament begins tomorrow with the round of 64.... 32 basketball games stretched over four regional venues. Then we close the weekend with the round of 32.... Four days of non-stop basketball coverage and Who's Who in the name of collegiate hoops.

We do brackets. Brackets are sheets with EVERY game listed and you pick the winner and toss a bill into the "pot"... Winner take all. Each round is scored by points. I've had to do that. Seth has done that. Luke has done that.

You know what?

Now Yahoo does it FOR US!  We enter our choices in a Yahoo page, we give all the people the password and they enter their choices.  And then the computer establishes winners per round.

I wonder if that's going to take some of the fun out of the whole thing? No more red pens, no more totaling up points per round...

Sometimes I think technology impersonalizes too much. Everything is push-of-a-button easy. And this is a nice thing because my kids are scattered now, and it's easy-peasy...

But I'm not so sure it's the same because instead of that fun back-and-forth via phone or computer e-mail, we can just one-click into Yahoo and see our scores.

Kinda thin.

What do you think? Has technology made us more impersonal?

Oh, food???? Grinning!!!!  Chips, dip and  pizza from Caraglio's, of course!


  1. My nephew is a sophomore in college. Yesterday his FB status said - for the next three weeks I'm switching my major to Bracketology.

    Cute but I wondered how my sister and her husband feel about footing the (very expensive) bill for a career in Bracketology. ;)

  2. Mary, they're better off not knowing. Tell them to avoid facebook at all costs, LOL!

    My two younger boys are celebrating Luke's birthday this weekend, with a March Madness gathering of their buds in Boston.

    I am happy to NOT BE ATTENDING. ;) Luke's an auditor for Price Waterhouse Cooper and his March birthday is always in their crazy, busy season. So I can't begrudge him a day to celebrate on the weekend.

    I guess.

    Bracketology 101.


  3. Well, my March madness begins at the end of the month when the World Figure Skating Championship starts. LOL. That's the only sport I follow. And chocolate something seems to be the featured food when my friends and I gather round the telly to watch! so much more refined than chips and dip dontcha know!

    1. Chocolate.... that will be my Easter fix. I used to give up coffee shop coffee and that was a sacrifice, but now with the Keurig I rarely grab coffee out unless I'm traveling. So now it's not really a sacrifice... but chocolate?

      I feel like a big girl and can't wait 'til Easter to grab some delicious milk chocolate eggs! I used to watch figure skating with Beth (now 30 years old) all the time. We went to a bunch of shows, Kav. Got to see so many amazing skaters! I'm always dumbfounded by how much they can do.

  4. LOL, Mary! I love it.

    Ruthy, college basketball always been big here. As you know, son #1 has been a huge duke fan since elementary school. Has been known to throw himself in the floor in grief when they lost when he was about age 10. Now he's just finished 4 years of living his big dream, to be a Cameron Crazy. Living in a tent to hold his place in line for the UNC game, etc. Of course, they just lost in the ACC tournament, but we're once again hopeful for March Madness!

    I've also been cheering for my alma mater, Western Kentucky. But they have to play UK tonight. Ugh.

    1. Go Duke!!! :)

      Missy, my boys were the same way for the 49ers... and Dave's the same way with his Yankees.

      Gotta love the team in good times and bad, and I love that Nick's dream of calling Duke his Alma Mater came true, but how fast those four years went.


  5. Bracketology is not my thing...

    but Missy, I'll cheer WKU on! (I cheer for anyone playing against UK ever since we lived in Lexington!)

    (Sorry, bad UK prejudices showing there...)

    We're just not a sports-following family. Never have been. We'll quote Brian Regan or Princess Bride until we're blue in the face, but no one has any idea who any sports players are...

    ...except me, during the football season.

    And I promise I'll watch Jeter a couple times this summer!

    Now, pass the chips and dip - we ARE talking about cucumber chips and Ruthy's Dill Dip, aren't we?

  6. Of course, Jan! Cukes and dill dip, just for you! ;) And watching Jeter, well... Why wouldn't you?

    she aked with a grin, LOL!

    Brian Regan. I love that guy. We quote him too. Jan we're obviously related. We probably even look alike except you're the much younger sister.


  7. Oh, to be younger than Ruthy!

    I don't really think I am, but all the same...

  8. I hate March Madness, but I still love you.

  9. LOL, Tina. We love you too, even if you don't like college bb. :)