Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Coffee Chat!

The Belle, here. Pull up a chair and let's chew the fat. (Do y'all say that up North, or is that just a southern expression?)

While you're gathering around, I'll take your order for coffee, tea, etc. So let me know what you'd like.

For our topic today, I checked another conversation starter website. They offered "Would you Rather..." questions, and I thought we'd have fun with that! So please jump right in.

This one cracked me up and seemed perfect for The Cafe...

Would you rather eat a stick of butter or snort a tablespoon of salt?

LOL! And since that one will take us five seconds to discuss, I wanted to add another one.

Would you rather have your flight delayed by 8 hours or lose your luggage?

Have at it!


  1. Hmmm, I think I'll take the butter...providing I have a week or two to eat it...

    I've never lost my luggage, but I would hate having that happen. So unless I was going somewhere I needed to be in a hurry (important appointment, family emergency) I'd rather do the flight delay - as long as I have my Kindle along!

  2. Hi Missy,

    Butter - no question. ;)

    And 8 hours? Been there, done that. Plenty of time to read and write.

    Happy Wednesday before Speedbo Madness!

  3. butter if I can put it on something like a potato or popcorn and easy on the flight - I'll take the delay and read while I wait!

  4. Yeah, I think I'd have to eat the butter, too. I'd just have to melt it and pour it over something. Or dip crab or lobster into it. :)

    My luggage has been lost before--on our honeymoon! It's awful. (Not fun to arrive in Barbados without a swim suit and have it not show up for 3 days!) So I'd definitely rather have a delay.

  5. LOL I'm buttery too. Definitely a sweet vs. salty kind of food lover.

    And I think if that flight delay happened in March I'd take the 8 hour wait because that would give me the perfect SpeedBo scenario...nothing to do but write!!!!!

  6. Flight delay. I can people watch and eavesdrop on conversation that would make great story fodder.

    Okay, YA' know that Paula Deen was just diagnosed with diabetes. Pass on the butter.

  7. LOL, Tina! Yeah, we need to be careful with the butter. But I just can't imagine snorting salt! ;)

  8. Oooh, I know! Just give me a loaf of hot homemade bread, and I could tear through that stick of butter in no time. :)

  9. Missy, I'm heading for my grain mill and've got me craving homemade bread all over the place. It'll go great with tonight's soup.

    And if you soften the butter and mix in about 1/3 cup honey, you have the PERFECT topping for that bread :)

    So...bread and soup for supper, Ruthy's broccoli salad for lunch, and a spinach omelet for breakfast. Is this a healthy pre-Speedbo day or what?

  10. Jan, you'll be raring to go with all those greens! :)

  11. So do we get to come hang out and write in the cafe for SpeedBo? Please may I have the corner table overlooking the garden?
    I promise to serve myself so you can keep writing!

  12. I think I'm in agreement with everyone here--the butter. I have a hard enough time with nasal sprays. My nose hurts just thinking about snorting salt.

    As for the plane, I've been in both courts. It would definitely depend who I was traveling with and the occasion. If my kids are with, I'll risk losing my luggage. I've learned to carry the necessities in my carry on.

  13. Plenty of tables in the cafe for Speedbo! We ordered ergonomic chairs just for the lot o' youse! ;)

    Butter, definitely, but now I want the homemade bread to go with it. And honey. Or maple syrup. Why do all the REALLY good things have to be bad????

    Paula Deen. I love her. And yes I use her recipes, I just don't eat like that all the time. And I don't fry lasagne.

    Why would I do that when good lasagne tastes PERFECT the way it is?

    Like Tina, I don't mind delays. Gives me scope for the imagination!

    Mary C, the garden's just beginning to sprout, but your view also includes the swamp pond and the spring peepers should be filling our nights with frog song soon!

    For us northern writers, we've got to wait a smidge. If we sit overlooking the garden, the best we'll see is mud and rotting wood chips.


  14. Y'all just come on down here. Our daffodils have been blooming like crazy and are about gone. The pear trees and redbuds are starting to bloom. My tulip tree (Japanese magnolia) tried to bloom and got frostbitten. It looks pretty rough right now but has some buds that hadn't opened yet that are trying to bloom now. It should be a nice spring!

  15. Thanks for the invite, Missy.

    Ruthy, we actually have flowers blooming here in Brooklyn. Lately as I've been walking the dog, I've noticed them popping up around the trees. It's been that warm!
    Not today though. Cold and rainy.