Friday, January 27, 2012

Favorite Friday

Missy, here. I'm having breakfast with a friend this morning. A friend I haven't seen in years. We're going to try a restaurant that hasn't been around long. In fact, I haven't eaten their breakfast yet. I'm hoping it's good!

It made me think of favorite breakfast foods on this Friday morning.

If I had to pick a favorite place to drive through, I'd have to choose our Dairy Queen. Yes, ours serves what I think are the best biscuits in town. I love getting the pork tenderloin biscuit with scrambled eggs.

My favorite place to eat breakfast food in the evening (and I did so last night!) is Cracker Barrel. I usually choose the French toast. But I have to tell you about the amazing sweet potato pancakes I had last night! Crispy, yet soft inside with a scoop of some kind of cinnamon-brown sugar-butter mix on top. And of course, real maple syrup. Oh my goodness, I could eat them again this morning with nice, thick-cut bacon. Yum!

What's your favorite breakfast food? I'll have to let you know how the new restaurant goes when I get home. Of course, nothing's better than a meal with an old friend!


  1. Have a great time!!!! My favourite meal out is breakfast...isn't that weird? Maybe because at home I always have the same thing -- oatmeal and toast. There's bagel place close to me and they make a lovely veggie omelet with fresh fruit on the side and, of course, a bagel. Yum. I think that's my favourite meal out! Oh -- and fresh squeezed orange juice. Or if it's cold their white hot chocolate! Doube yum!

  2. My favorite drive thru is McDonald's. I realize so many people hate McD, and I'm not a big fan of their burgers though I love their fries.

    Breakfast, I love. I love their biscuits, even better than Hardee's "made from scratch" ones, though this baffles my husband. I never knew until about four years ago that the Egg McMuffin is made with a fried egg. When I found that out, the Sausage McMuffin with cheese soared straight to the top of my favorite list, beating out their breakfast burrito, which I've always loved.

    An all time favorite breakfast for me is my step-mom's monkey bread. She made it for Easter when I was a kid. I imagine it every year, but it could have been only a few times. The sticky, nutty, gooey goodness...yumm.

    And I think my m-i-l make the very best biscuits and gravy in the world. Bar none.

    1. Biscuits and gravy... Oh my, fill my plate. Chicken and gravy and biscuits. That's a dress size waiting to happen right there, but it's totally worth it. YUM.

      I love McDonald's fries. Now and again Dave will grill a boneless sirloin outside and I'll run to McDonalds and buy fries... Mind you, I have a fryer in the garage and fries in the freezer, but there's something illegal and habit forming about McDonald's fries, fresh and hot. I think I'm really hungry right now. Perhaps starving.

  3. Kav, I love veggie omelets! I make them at home often.

    Breakfast was great this morning! I had a blast catching up with my friend. And the good was very good. I had a ham, swiss and egg open faced sandwich with a really nice gravy (she said it had some dijon mustard and nutmeg). Oh, and grits!! They were amazingly creamy. And I'm pretty sure they had some cheese in them. :)

    1. Oh, you yankee you! Grits are amazing. And these were especially good!

      One day soon, I'm going to make them on the blog, and you'll HAVE to try making them. And EAT them. :)

  4. Andrea, I'm a McDonald's fan, too. I love the burgers and fries. And oatmeal. :) But I haven't had their biscuits in ages (although I always used to get the bacon, egg and cheese biscuit). I love a heavy biscuit like they make.

    Biscuits and sausage gravy is my favorite thing when I go home. My dad makes it best! Although my kids really complimented me at Christmas when they said they thought mine had actually surpassed his. :)

    BUT! I had forgotten to buy milk. Woke up Christmas to make my regular, and had NO MILK! So we ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast (a gift). And then after church I ran around town until I found an open gas station and bought their last gallon of milk! :) We had biscuits and gravy for lunch. :)

  5. Ruthy, what a great idea to go get fries to go with a meal! I'm more likely to drive through for fries for a snack. :)

  6. Oh you all are making me SO hungry. Breakfast is my absolute favorite meal no matter what time of day.

    Missy, Cracker Barrel is my favorite reason for traveling. We don't have any around here but once I hit the highway - either north or south - Cracker Barrels appear like magic.

    We had a funny story a few years back when we were driving the youngest up to Geneseo. All the way there I was looking forward to Cracker Barrel breakfast at the CB in Binghampton right off the highway.
    But we couldn't find it. So we watched signs and watched signs and finally gave up at which point the brilliant daughter says, "Oh, I wonder if that was the sign for Cracker Barrell that I saw half an hour ago."
    She's lucky we let her live!

    I also have fond memories of college when my best friend and I would drive to McDonalds in the morning for either pancakes or cinnamon buns. Just the other day I walked past McDonalds and had to fight the urge to go in and get a hot cinnamon roll.

  7. Ah, Mary... I've always wanted to stop at the Cracker Barrel in Binghamton because I'm always hungry by then... Exit 6, right? But we're always racing a clock it seems....

    And I've yet to eat at a Cracker Barrel. One of these days.

    Food should always be the fave reason for traveling... Kids are a definitive second. ;)

  8. Hey Ruthy, thanks for fixing my spelling of Binghamton. You can tell it's my Long Island upbringing. I'm used to spelling Hamptons not Hamton though my cousin went to SUNY there so I should have it by now.

    I'll bet you'd love the country store that is part of each of the CBs. I love to walk through there. Gives me story ideas.

    Okay, what doesn't? :)

  9. Mary, we live 10 minutes from Cracker Barrel! It's a great, inexpensive place to take the family where we can have a big variety to choose from. And we can have breakfast all day long. :)