Monday, December 26, 2011


Missy, here. And from the title of my post, you may be thinking of recovering from too much food. Or from all the holiday hoopla. But no, I'm talking about recovering from a kitchen injury! While shopping, I bought myself a new knife. It's an amazing knife. But I about sliced the tip of my finger off with it--after warning my husband about being careful! :)

Here's the knife, made for slicing vegetables. I got it at Walmart. It's much bigger than this photo. :)

Anyway, it's difficult to type. So I'm leaving a link to the fabulous sausage-and-kale soup I was making when I cut myself. My son came and finished it for me. My husband and all the kids loved the soup. If I can get my middle child to eat vegetables, then I've really accomplished something!

Click here to see the recipe for Sausage and kale soup. (By the way, I skipped the step of putting part of the soup in the blender.)

Hope you had a great Christmas!!


  1. Oh my stars, I always do that with new knives... I'm ridiculous. And it's not like we don't know better but we get used to our DULL old stuff. New throws us for a loop. There's probably GREAT KNOWLEDGE somewhere in that analogy.

    Missy, this looks great. We're actually trying one of the Bear Creek soup mixes Tina recommended last month for tomorrow night. And it is still warm (40's) and gray here.

    Which only makes me love Christmas lights more! Take care of your finger, my dear friend!

  2. Ouch!!! I so couldn't be a nurse, I was squirming just reading about your knife mishap!!! I hope you have those multi-talented fingers insured!!!! I'll stick to my dull old knife...yes I only have one, can you believe it? But we have an understanding -- as long as it cuts for me he has a home in the lonely knife drawer!

    No sausage and kale soup for this veggie -- but I'm about to make a mean vegetable lentil which is guaranteed to stick to your ribs and warm your innards on a cold day. And hey -- we got snow for Christmas! Lots of the lovely powdery stuff that glistens and twinkles and turns my old dog into a puppy again!

  3. Kav it would be yummy even without the sausage. :)

    yay on the snow! My dogs love it, too. They chase the kids on the sled. :)

  4. The soup looks scrumptious! I have a similar recipe that adds potatoes...

    And Kav, I think it would be great with vegetable stock, add the potatoes and leave out the sausage. Now I'm getting hungry.

    Missy, don't blame the sharpness of the knife, blame the different feel/balance of it. A dull knife is the most dangerous thing to have in your kitchen! Always keep your knives sharp and know how to use them.

    I hope you didn't slice your finger too badly and that it heals quickly!

    We're using Weight Watchers recipes all this week - Slow Cooker Chicken Burritos is on the menu for tonight.

  5. Jan, I saw Charles Barclay doing a Weight Watchers commercial and he looked good. Whatever it takes to keep us balanced, right? There's a Yankee Classic game on my TV... Luke's home and he lives in Boston now so you know he doesn't get Yankee baseball THERE.

    Only two months 'til spring training! ;)

    But seeing this on the TV gives me a Jeter-fix.

  6. Ruthy, I started watching football this fall (after a 35 year hiatus) because a friend is a Tebow fan and she convinced me to try the game again. I may just have to start watching baseball again to check out Jeter!

  7. hey everyone! sorry 'bout your finger - I'm always afraid of knives - almost had a big boo boo with one during lunch at work - thank goodness I didn't 'cause there would've been an embarrasing as heck 'unusual incident report' involved and cross examinations and photos...sigh...

    hoping this next year is better - lost both my parents this year(my dad dec 16) and a friend plus have gotten way way way too fat. no excuses now. both parents are gone and in a much better place(still tring to convince myself of that in spite of knowing heaven is better but still..just going forward one step at a time and the next step is getting healthier myself)

    so..anyone have a good EASY healthy bread recipe?! I want to accomplish 3 goals - eat better, use something I already have(used bread machine from friend) and try a new recipe! :-) thanks to someone's big mistake on another forum I know not to accidentally double the yeast - she had a huge mess to clean up!(and I know with that mess I'd be so tempted to throw the thing away!)

    ok gonna check out this recipe- I tried a WW sausage and kale soup once and it wasn't so good though might've been the 'healthy's ausage I used - that's when I thought my german shepherd had helped herself to the kale in the pot - it was over the top then was 'gone' but she hates veggies - that's when I realized about stuff 'cooking down'! sorry Sashi-dog!


  8. hey- what's a waxy potato? are those brown ones they sell in the big bags waxy?


  9. So sorry you cut your finger, Missy! I hope it heals quickly. But the soup looks delicious. :-)

  10. Susanna I'm so sorry.i didn't know about your dad. It must've been a tough holiday.


  11. thanks MIssy - it wasn't expected even though he'd been sick a long time - had been improving it seemed then the cancer blocked his intestines and he was gone in a few days - barely got into hospice the night before.

    well I got the wrong sausage - instead of smoked chicken it says chicken with apple - blech sounding - will this work or do I need to figure out something else to make with this stuff?


  12. Susanna, that sausage should be fine. I used Butterball Smoked Turkey sausage. You probably won't taste the apple.

    Jan, you're right. The knife is very different from my favorites ones. I'll just have to adjust to it.

    I'm SO GLAD to be back to my computer! I tried commenting on my daughter's iPhone the other day but had trouble. Plus, there's almost no cell signal at my parents' house.

  13. really late posting, my friend did the same this week almost took the top of her finger with a knife and stuck it together with the glue you use to stick cuts together butterfly thingy's and bandages. I hope yours is healing well.

  14. Jenny, I almost went to buy some of that! But last time I used it, it burned so badly I said I'd never use it again. LOL

    It's healing pretty well. I bumped it yesterday while drying my hair, though, and about died, it hurt so bad. It knocked the wound open again. :( But it's feeling better today. I just have to keep a bandaid on it to protect it.