Thursday, October 6, 2011

Set a spell!

Well, that's Mayberry talk.

Up here? In my neck of the woods???

They'd say:  "Take a seat, please."

In Manhattan:  "I'll be happy to seat you. How many are in your party? It will be just a moment."

In a local diner?  "Grab your favorite stool, Ruthy, if you can shake old Bill off of it."  Bill is a fictional cat made up for that example.

In a Greek restaurant?  Often you see an older woman or man, sometimes both, sitting near the entrance with a view of the kitchen. Watching.  That would be Mama and/or Papa, keeping a watchful eye out to make sure the waitresses don't pocket the coffee money for tips, keep the customers waiting, assessing if the kitchen neeeds help, wondering if their granddaughter is truly a princes...

I worked in a Greek restaurant for eleven years. Loved it, but when I saw My Big, Fat Greek Wedding???

Oh, yeah.


Hey, that cute Southern Belle waitress is a little slow, isn't she?  But she's so stinkin' NICE that I cannot fire her.

Obviously I'm not Greek, LOL!


  1. Ruthy, I totally cracked up when I saw your post put up ahead of time and saw the title. So similar to mine yesterday! :)

    Okay, back to working the tables. Gotta earn my tips...


  2. Isn't that a hoot? I love how each town has their own spots, their own coffee counters (where the "counter creatures" lurk, nursing multiple cups and keeping a sharp eye on the door.)

    And I almost had this ready... Note the lack of pictures! I'm such a blog dork.

    I love a shop with a "pet" anything. My fave!

  3. Is this fun or what? I'm hungry. What have you got to eat with pumpkin init?

  4. Make the word verification go away.

  5. Wish we could. It doesn't come up for me. I think it's selective....

    In other words, you lose, chica!

    Obviously we're not the techno-savv's like those bossy gals in Seekerville!

    Pumpkin... Coming soon.... I love me some pumpkin!

  6. Tina,

    How about pumpkin bread, my fav??!

    By the way, sorry for the word verification. We can't get it off. I think our old free template messed some things up. Lesson learned!

  7. Do you have anything that keeps folks awake to write when the eyelids they are a drooping?

    Just dropping by to leave a tip for the cute belle waitress. Spent many a summer waitressing.

  8. Oh, I'm loving the big tipper! Come back anytime, Mary. :)